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While the obvious answer to this question is Warzone’s best M4A1 load is largely personal, we’re pretty sure the M4A1 class and setup we got was the best overall design for the popular augmented reality. Given the M4’s popularity in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer game, it is not surprising that this assault rifle remains one of the most watched weapons in Warzone. It offers everything you need for a battle royale: accuracy, range, fast rate of fire, and the ability to hook up a magazine from 60 rounds.

Of course if you are new to Warzone or Modern Warfare multiplayer, we fear you will need to do a lot of grinding to earn all the accessories that make this rifle so powerful. Fortunately, you can find the M4A1 as floor and chest loot in Warzone, so leveling it won’t take long and you’ll need to purchase Modern Warfare to speed up the process.

The Warzone’s M4A1 setup we got below provides decent damage per second over medium to long range battles, without making the rifle impractical in close-up rifle fights. It’s worth noting that this is a very practical build of this augmented reality, so while there are better settings on paper, we’re assuming you didn’t get the perfect Shroud or Swagg target.

The best M4A1 gear

Below is Warzone’s best M4A1 gear:

  • Manolithic suppressor
  • Stock M16 Grenadier
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 60 round cups
  • Dotted grip tape

Why is this the best M4A1 class for Warzone? Thanks to the Monolithic Suppressor and Stock M16 Grenadier, you’ll get better damage output at longer distances, while the Stippled Grip Bar and Commando Foregrip ensure the M4A1’s setup is still relatively quick to shoot with it.

The versatility of the M4AI makes it a force to be reckoned with. If you want a weapon to take out enemies from long distances, swap an attachment with a 3x Pivot Lever Scope to make things a lot easier. Finally, the 60 MAGs Round means you can do a lot of damage before reloading needs to be done.

As for the rest of this category. Your tactical equipment should always be the heart rate sensor as it is incredibly useful for tracking enemies who have run into hiding. Your choice of deadly gear is all that you find most comfortable, but we believe in Molotov cocktails or Thermite because they are great for blocking wings and eliminating looted enemies quickly.

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Your choice of perks should be: Cold-Blooded, Ghost, and Amped – they’ll keep you out of any radars, heat ranges, and heart rate sensors. You can do without anything you like, but the quick gun swaps are very easy. Finally, your choice of secondary weapon should be a launcher like the RPG-7 as it can triple-scan with a single shot. This kind of strength can get you out of a lot of situations and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Once you have the money, you must buy another War Zone Gear With one of the many mighty War Zone Rifles And use it to get a second primary weapon. Of course you could play Overkill as a second feature and take over Best war zone sniper To complement your mid-range versatility.

Here’s the M4A1 Warzone variant class setup:

  • Reflection of J Minnie
  • Merc Foregrip
  • Manolithic suppressor
  • Stock M16 Grenadier
  • Tac Laser

This setup has good ADS time, good range, and great processing. Many struggle to use iron sights on the M4A1, so we’ve included this alternate option with a clean red dot to help.

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Finally, there are more options for The best assault rifle in Warzone From the M4A1, so check out our guide to see your other options. Or if you just want some quick builds, try the following:

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And there you have it – the best M4 download for Warzone, and some alternatives if you don’t keep it up. Now go get some.

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