The Warrior of Hope is the latest add-on for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Last Saturday, March 6th, it was Dragon Ball Battle Hour, 24/7 live streaming event for each major Dragon Ball Game. It includes Dragon Ball LegendsAnd the Battle of DokanAnd the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2And the Dragon Ball FighterZ, And the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot. It was there that after months of no new ads, we finally learned about the latest DLC for Kakarot. A trailer for Trunks The Warrior of Hope has been dropped, a DLC storyline for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot. It depends on the movie, History of trunks.

Spoiler alert for a 1993 movie, however History of trunks It tells the story of a dark future. For those who don’t know, the Trunks we meet in the Android Saga is the son of Vegeta and Bulma from the future. In this alternate schedule, Goku dies from viral heart disease and every Z fighter is eliminated by androids 17 and 18. All of that, except for Trunks and Gohan.

Fair warning, don’t think about time travel on Dragon Ball Universe very much. It makes no sense and will only cause you a headache. This alternate universe story is the darkest and most mature the series has ever had, and it also features Gohan at his best ever. Bulma builds a time machine and Trunks returns to the past to warn the Z-Fighters and give Goku the cure for his impending illness.

Unfortunately, there is no music from the Dream Theater

After we showed the trailer during the Battle Hour closing ceremony, it was revealed that this would be the last DLC content for Dragon ball Z: Kakarot. He covered the first two chapters of a DLC-file Battle of the gods And the Resurrection “and” Films, and many had hoped that the third would follow suit and adapt Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie. We know now that this is not the case, but the vision History of trunks It’s a welcome, fan-friendly, and fun response to the game.

We also learned that a new set of cards for Dragon Ball Card WarriorsPvP card game mode for the game, to be released tomorrow, March 9th, titled Card Blast 2, this mode is free for anyone who owns a copy of Kakarot. You can grab the game now steam, The season pass will include the aforementioned seasons as well Trunks of Hope Warrior DLC when it drops in early summer.

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