Outriders Planting Sites: How to Plant on the Recovery Side Mission

Want to know where the Outriders’ Best Farming Sites are? Running a demo for the upcoming shooter game allows players to bring all their gear into the full game when it comes out next month. One of the best locations for loot is the Payback Side Mission, which is a surprisingly challenging side mission with two snipers and an ultimately tricky boss that you’ll need to defeat.

It is also currently the best way to get the desired Outriders legendary weapons Thanks to the conveniently placed starting point just outside the mission area. It takes the least amount of time to repeat this task, and the enemy distribution is much better than most locations in the demo.

So here’s a little guide to completing the Payback side quest, from taking out snipers to killing Captain Rainer, as well as some tips for raising the legendary loot from this quest. We also have another Legend Weapon cultivation site in the main campaign that is worth checking out.

Outriders seek redemption

Your first hurdle in the Payback Side Mission is to face off against enemies that approach you as you approach the captain’s base. While it is easy to deal with most enemies, snipers can be a problem, especially if you are just starting out. Snipers can still shoot you if you are behind low cover, but fortunately there are two large walls and pillars that provide better protection towards the left side of the battlefield.

A Pyromancer in Outriders, the recovery mission is pinned behind cover by a sniper and many enemies.

If you have a sniper rifle, you can capture the right-sided sniper fairly quickly by dropping a bullet to the head. If you don’t, you’ll need to advance toward the sniper position slowly. You will also have to deal with the second sniper who appears in the back of the area when Rayner shouts his men so they won’t let you pass. You are Box Try to hurry snipers, but be careful because few shooters and hackers spawn as you approach.

Ultimately, you’ll make your way through the enemy’s defenses and take them out. When all enemies are defeated, the key will drop to the Reiner base. Before heading to the building, be sure to loot the crate in the rubble near where the second sniper is (it’s in the opposite direction to where the target is), as loot here may be useful in your next battle. You should also restock your ammo before opening the gate, as the next section requires tons of bullets.

The Pyromancer uses the Heat Bomb skill against Captain Rainer, who charges the Rover's Flame Attack.

How to Defeat the Captains in the Outriders

Captain Rainer is an early showdown with one of the game’s tougher enemies: the Captains. These are soldiers who can harness special powers to make things really difficult for you. Captain Rainer is a particularly baffling obstacle to the newer and lesser Outriders as his skills, unlike the other leaders on the demo, are always the same. His skills can quickly confuse you if you are playing solo, so make sure you are prepared.

Here’s how to kill Captain Rainer:

  • Once the battle begins, Reiner will try to use his Wandering Flame skill, which he will continue to try throughout the fight. Use the skill interrupt it to stop this.
  • Make sure to take out the hacker first. He will slowly lean toward you, but will fire his rifle at you if allowed to get too close.
  • Once you deal with them, try to eliminate most of the other enemies. This gives you more freedom of movement and a lot of room to run if your Reiner can do a Wandering Flame.
  • When Rainer is in poor health, he will try to heal himself. Interrupt this skill to avoid prolonged combat.
  • If the Reiner manages to finish throwing the Wandering Flame, keep an eye on his whereabouts at all times. It hurts a lot and can be hard to escape if you are too close.

The World Tier screen in Outriders.  You must be a Global Level 5 to grow Legendary Loot.

Remote farming

Payback Side Mission is what you’ll play over and over again if you want epic weapons, for the simple reason that they offer the best chance of loot. You might want to consider farming legendary weapons as it introduces some cool Outriders mods that will be usable in the full game.

Here’s what you can get and the level requirements you need to fulfill before raising legendary Outriders weapons:

  • You must be in Global Level 5 to cultivate Legendary Loot
  • It is also recommended that you have at least 300 attacks and 200 defense points for your equipped weapons and shields.
  • Legendary loot fall from enemy kills and flips in the side mission
  • Chests no longer drop Legend Tier Loot
  • You’ll also receive at least one rare drop upon completing a repeatable Side Mission, although this can amount to a Legendary Weapon.

The first division featuring two snipers and several goons has the best chance to drop loot. If this isn’t your first time, you should have access to a sniper rifle at this point in the game. To make things infinitely easier for you, equip a sniper rifle with one of your weapon slots and use it to take out snipers.

You should then be able to run and take out the rest of the enemies without much trouble. For the boss, it might be easier to just focus on interrupting and killing Rainer when you are at a high enough level, but still aware of the hacker.

Several serial killers stalk the Beromancer at one of the Outriders' farming sites.

Alternative Agriculture Site Outriders

While you are here, another loot planting site is on demo. In the main lobby, set your location to “Meet Jacob and Shera in her wheelhouse” and then play through the story mission until you reach the second checkpoint.

Once you are there, run to the next encounter. You will see a whole host of thugs and hackers all attacking at close range. Instead of taking them out immediately, try to gather all the enemies (including those in the next area) into a pool, then eliminate all but one of the melee attackers. If you don’t drop any legendary loot, just let your ax players slash and take you down. Upon relaunch, all enemies will recover and you can iterate until you find a legendary weapon.

And that’s all you need to know about farming in the Outriders. When you stumble upon some decent legendary equipment, you can see how this affects both Classes of Outriders. We also have guides for making the best Outriders Technomancer builds And the Best Outriders Builds Pyromancer To use the legendary loot you recently found with.

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