Best SMG Warzone Machine Gun: Any submachine gun to use in a battle royale

There are quite a few favorites for the SMG Best in Warzone title, and while many of the multiplayer rules carry over to the free-to-play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. Battle royale Mode, there are some major differences that change the metadata to a large extent. Besides, many of you might not own the full game and thus have no idea how things work in basic multiplayer.

The main factors to consider in Warzone when selecting an SMG are mag capacity, DPS, and the amount of time it takes to aim or transition from running to shooting.

SMGs are not used much on the Warzone as the assault rifles’ and Best war zone rifles Like the X-50. If you are looking for a far-reaching option to complement some Best War Zone Gear Then here is our guide to The best sniper in Warzone. However, when you reach the final circuit or need to cross some nearby streets to get to the next area, you’ll be grateful to have the best SMG in Warzone.

The best SMG in Warzone

Here’s Warzone’s best SMG:

  • Mac 10
  • MP5 Cold War
  • Your art
  • the Frog
  • Modern Warfare MP5
  • August
  • Bizon
  • MP7
  • P. 90
  • Uzi
  • The morn 45

Mac 10

The Mac-10 has managed to establish itself as one of Warzone’s best SMGs despite running two rounds of nerfs. What makes the Mac-10 a lethal weapon is its high rate of fire combined with its controllable recoil. With the correct attachments, you can slap on a large magazine ensuring you have enough bullets to wipe out multiple enemies at any time. Give us Best Mac-10 download Read on to discover how to customize powerful SMG.

MP5 Cold War

Compared to the MP5 from Modern Warfare, Cold War’s MP5 slightly outperforms its predecessor by refining a number of key details. TTK is higher, so is ADS speed, and recoil control is easier. Again, there isn’t much difference between the two guns, but if you want the competitive edge, the CW MP5 is the obvious choice. Make sure you check out Best MP5 Warzone setup To find the correct attachments for both weapons.


The Fennec has the fastest rate of fire of any SMG in Warzone, making it a very powerful weapon for clearing buildings and 1v1 battles. It’s theoretical kill time only matched by the MP5, but due to the Fennec’s low recoil and high rate of fire, you’ll find conversion on this TTK easier. Aim to block the center and the enemies will be down in a short time.

More help? Here The best assault rifles in Warzone

The maximum mag size of 40 rounds will seem limited at first, but this SMG is so effective at handling near-range targets that it will often be able to wipe out two enemies and safely reload before anyone knows what happened. One thing to note: Fennec’s bullet velocity and damage range are terrible so make sure you get the The best assault rifle in Warzone For mid-range battles. Verify Fennec Warzone setting For powerful specifications.

the Frog

If you want a pistol that has nearly as many bullets as the LMG, you won’t find anything better than the Bullfrog. Most SMGs suffer from the same problem after killing the enemy, no matter how accurate you are, you will likely have to reload your weapon. our Best gear for frog Equipping magazines that can hold 85 bullets, we’ve increased the damage range on this SMG to allow this weapon to take hold at short to medium distances.

Modern Warfare MP5

The MP5 has a better time to kill when compared to the MP7, but it shortens slightly because those shots are hard to drop and you can only upgrade it to a maximum mag capacity of 40 rounds. The 10mm Transfer Kit doesn’t add to TTK on paper, but it will greatly expand your effective range. we got Best MP5 Warzone setup If you are looking for the best attachments. If you are confident in your ability to win fiery fights then you should always take this as the Warzone SMG.


This comes with the huge caveat that the AUG is only worth operating if you can equip it with a 5.56 NATO to convert 60 Mag Round – although we recently had a lot of success with this more portable device. AUG Warzone setting. Usually it’s actually pretty low-end, but with 60 of those devastating rounds in a single mag, the AUG becomes one of Warzone’s best SMGs – despite the fact that it’s basically an assault rifle. It’s easy to control quickly, and has enough ammo to theoretically wipe out an entire team without reloading.

P. 90

SMG is tragically overlooked in Warzone and multiplayer. Like Bizon, it boasts a high capacity magazine by default, but interestingly enough, you can expand the range and improve the P90’s accuracy significantly. The basic iron sights on the P90 are also crisp and clean, ensuring you never need to spend an attachment slot on the optics.


The MP7 is actually worse than the MP5 on paper, but when you factor in potential mag size upgrades, almost non-existent recoil, and impressive shooting accuracy you have one of the best approach weapons in the game.

Sure, it didn’t get the best DPS game for Warzone SMG, but it broadcasts rounds at an eye-catching rate and can prep mag 60 rounds – in Warzone that means you can enter fights with confidence and put a lot of pressure on the opponent. If you want the final design, see our website Best MP7 Warzone setup For a scheme to copy it. It’s also much easier to use than the MP5.


Anyone who has used this in multiplayer should be aware of their problems: slow fire rate, medium damage per shot, and some strange recoil patterns. However, with a certain conversion kit, this SMG becomes surprisingly effective, especially between the short and medium term. Highly skilled Warzone players could justify placing this in their top five SMGs, but due to their difficulty in using them, we placed them near the bottom of the pile. For the best specifications, check out Best Warzone Uzi equipment.


The High Capacity Starting Magic appears to be the biggest feature, but it’s actually the virtually non-existent recoil that makes the SMG so good. Bizon compensates for minimal damage with precision and consistency – you won’t have trouble with drop shots, although it might take a little longer than you’d like to secure it.

our Best Warzone Bizon Gear It will help you make this uncommon weapon feel powerful.

The morn 45

Unfortunately, UMP’s return to Modern Warfare is not a victory. It has been outperformed in practically every area, although it is reasonably easy to control and is one of the best options in the medium term.

For a slightly different short term option, we’re also evaluating Akimbo’s Pistols at Warzone Too – unfortunately 357 Snake Shot Warzone Setup It just got hardened, so stick with Renetti. Instead, we have Best Warzone Origin 12 gear It has now become very popular for room disinfection.

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