Apex Legends Mirage guide – Tips and tricks for a trickster

when Apex Legends Mirage was launched for the first time, and it was a bit of a meme character. His affinity for jokes and clumsy nature made him likable. But his modest abilities left much to be desired. The potential was always there though. Over the course of the seasons, the Mirage becomes a viable, competitive option. In the right hand, it is a threat. He is still a comedian. In this Apex Legends Mirage guide, we’ll take a look at what makes Legend good and how you can use it most effectively.

At first glance, Mirage appears to be a shallow, self-centered character. However, like his true nature, there is a lot of depth to the legend. He is an escape artist. A sly competitor can lure unsuspecting enemies into vulnerable positions. Plus he could be a great team player.

The Joker becomes a legend

Mirage’s biggest weakness has always been that his abilities weren’t effective against smart players. Its 3D traps ran in a straight line, making no further movements, and making no sounds. If you are familiar with how players move in-game, you can spot Mirage traps at a glance.


However, after several seasons, Mirage received a rework that started him on his way from meme to Legend. With the arrival Apex Legends Season eight, Mirage received a final polishing to complete his transformation.

The replay allows players to master Mirage traps, imitating natural movements. More traps repost polished with smaller amounts of health. As of the last patch, Mirage traps are also making steps. In fact, Mirage can really cheat enemies now.

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