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As mentioned in two previous guides, Hero ring Filled with undocumented tile clusters. Part of the fun to play is revealing these special hybrids for the first time.

Having said that, we understand that there are a lot of you out there who prefer to cut the shit and know exactly what you’re doing before you step foot in the ring. For all of the folks out there, here’s a playlist of all the groups we’ve discovered so far. Please note that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list, as we are still revealing it as we go forward!

Make your life easier

Meadows are a little weird Hero ring. As mentioned before, while tiles can be assembled on a large sized farmhouse, this is not your best option. Instead, it is better to attach them to other elements in the middle to create Blooming Meadows. If cabinet tiles or rocks / mountain are placed next to the cabinet (see the checkerboard pattern indicated in Beginner’s guide), It will help boost the tile health recovery effectiveness from 2-3 points per day.

I’ve always been a fan of the Battlefield tiles. Being able to draw a free loot chest every day will definitely help in the long battle against the Lich. However, if you want to pull a little extra scratch, placing two battlefields with overlapping in the area of ​​effect will constitute Path of blood. Although it may result in a few Blood Clot enemies, they are generally fairly weak, especially against any kind of magic attacks. Plus, the clots will also provide a nice little loot boost so take a look at it.

The Lube Hero Combo Guide

Another group we mentioned in a previous coverage of Hero ring, But it’s still worth noting here, too, which is the top of the mountain. Combining any form of Mountain / Rock tile into a 3 × 3 grid will boost health every two days, as well as boost the adjacent Mountain / Rock tile. Just be aware that these will also spawn Harpies on a fairly frequent basis.

While I all make things a little trickier from time to time, I’ve never been a fan of the vampire mansion. Fortunately, there are two different ways to undermine the challenge a little. For one, put a file grove Next to the palace will the enemies of Blood Golem spawn. While these may not be great to look at, the setting provides a very manageable source of loot. If you’re bent on pulling completely on your favorite vampire, consider putting on a swamp Right next to the palace. Due to the swamp’s advantage of having health restoration work in the opposite direction, this means that all vampire enemies will not be able to heal themselves.

The last narrative worth exploring is for Hungry Groves. These nasty little monsters are formed by placing two blood groves (which can only be placed near the standard grove slab) in close proximity. Instead of Blood Grove, which will devour any enemies with 15% health or less, Hungry Grove raises that to an impressive 20%. However, the only hurdle is that Groves also pose a risk of attacking you as well. As a side note, these can also be created casually (which is the first method I encountered) using Oblivion in an existing blood grove.


Make your life harder?

Nothing about intentionally adding extra stress to my life feels fun. However, if you really want to take Hero ring Challenge to the next level, try placing a village next to the palaces to create The Looted Village. If you’ve been looking to get some extra HP boosts for a few days, this might be a godsend.

However, the looted village is one of the rare cases where the plundering could have another development as well. After a few days (honestly, I’m still trying to work out the exact number at this point) this will turn into a file The Count’s Land, Which will produce a special high-level monster to kill. Rest assured, your inner masochist will adore this person.

The Lube Hero Combo Guide

For those of you who like a health boost from Rock / Mountain tiles, just know that there are consequences to these actions. For every 10 tiles you play, A. Ghoulan camp It will be placed right next to your path. Trust me when I say that only forgetfulness will fulfill these scourges. However, if you choose to leave it that way, just make sure to avoid putting a bog next to it. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a The lookout imp. Unless you’re also trying to add the Goblin Archer to all nearby monster fights, this might also be worth staying away from.

We will soon be back with another group of groups to share, once we have more time to get involved in the game. Meanwhile, you can learn about Hero ring Resource Guide.

Hero ring Currently available for purchase Via Steam. For more gaming help, Check out our other guides.

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