Respawn adds a new option for players looking to go it alone in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Is changing things again with the new Chaos theory collection happened. The Legends gets decreases and increases in different regions, and players will have to adapt accordingly when the new event begins. The same goes for guns, as Respawn Entertainment is determined to balance things as closely as possible. Chaos Theory It will also make adjustments to the Kings Canyon map, with more loot on the way. However, the modifications made extend to more than just a new event, weapon modifications, and map changes. Respawn will soon allow players to stand in a solo queue Apex Legends.

As a disclaimer, this is not a properly designed and implemented single mode for battle royale. Instead, it is a solution to a common problem. It is not uncommon to enter a match Apex Legends Only to see his mates take off on their own and be lonely wolves.

Instead of loading other players with such pesky predicaments, Respawn wants to lighten the burden. These players will be able to use the upcoming No Fill Switch in the Chaos Theory Collection event so that no other player can join their teams. Basically, these players can enter solo Apex Legends And face enemy teams consisting of three or two pairs.

Respawn adds a new option for players looking to go it alone in Apex Legends (2)

Prove your worth

Respawn remains unsure what solo mode is appropriate for Apex Legends, It is clear why. It will take a lot of rebalancing work when it comes to this and focus on it Apex Legends Still in the multiplayer team experience. This new No Fill option can be seen as a compromise.

Teams can still play as teams, while lone wolves have a chance to prove their worth. Unlike other single temporary modes, the No Fill option is a permanent addition to Apex Legends.

You can jump in on March 9th, when Chaos Theory starts. To get a head start, be sure to check out We have many mentors And you are preparing for the next Apex Legends Event.

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