Players were cultivating a lot of legends in the Outriders demo and it had to be changed

Next shooter is coming Outriders He seems to have found a way around it The curse that affected loot-based games last year By making a free demo with the promise that progress will carry over to the full game. Obviously, more than two million players have taken developers People Can Fly to the show so far, but very few of those players have also taken the opportunity to breed creatures from mythical items in order to be ready for the full game.

Players have discovered that by choosing the “Variant Tower at the Tower” story point in the lobby in Global Level 5, they can pass three chests with ample opportunity to contain the Legends without having to fight anyone. Then they went back to the hall and repeated the process. People Can Fly responded to this situation in the Loot Cave with a mod that made it impossible to find legends by opening chests, even though they were still falling from enemies.

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