Best weapons not to use in Call of Duty: Warzone Season Two

War zone the second season It has caused a major shift in definition. Raven Software reformatted most of the Black Cold War Weapons, leaving them in a weaker condition than when they first arrived. But as history has shown, the players I don’t like you to leave it It’s from the past and often continues to operate the same old rifles regardless of power. However, this mindset has led to many underrated rifles that are likely to be identified War zone the second season.

Today we will sing praises War zone Most Underrated Shotguns in Season Two. These are the weapons that – although they look good on paper – you haven’t been able to prove their existence yet. But if it is more than War zone The rule of the players was to give them a chance, and they would realize what they had lost.


As an avid gamer of Research and Destruction, I am aware of just how dominant the AS VAL Maybe. In normal team play, this is without a doubt the best weapon in the Modern warfare. So I’m a little surprised to see that in between War zone Shotguns, this seemingly underrated rifle gets relatively little benefit

Several low-profile rifles such as the Krig 6 and M4A1 are more popular. Given that none of these assault rifles is very good, the higher rates of use are a little odd. The AS VAL has the best time to close up of any automatic rifle in the War zone. This alone gives you a good enough reason to try it.

Warzone Season 2 of Best Shotguns as Val Build

However, it is understandable why some players choose to steer clear of it. For example, it is directed at a 30-round magazine only. While this is perfectly fine for singles and twos, it doesn’t translate well into triples and quads. Also, although it bounces vertically, there is a fair amount of kicks to manage that can be annoying for less skilled players.

But even so, AS VAL deserves more love than it currently gets. I’ll put it in a similar category to RAM-7. It is a high recoil rifle that can provide devastating time to kill if properly controlled. Even after taking its flaws into consideration, I still think this is one of the best mid-range rifles in the War zone.


Story of the FAL It is strange. For the longest time, it just looked like no one else was using it. And then I got questionable strength during Modern warfare Season four, which resulted in him becoming the most popular primary weapon. This refinement was revoked after a season, and reverted to a proper obscurity.

Although the nerf has made it a less viable weapon, the FAL is still powerful in its own right. Obviously, with it being semi-automatic, you should be able to quickly hit your shots while clicking. This isn’t as easy as just using an automatic, but there’s a bonus to pulling it off.

Call of Duty Fall Building

Regardless of the range, the FAL kills faster than the majority of the War zone. Moreover, its low recoil makes spam release accurate in the long run when both a suitable front bumper and an XRK Marksman barrel are equipped.

You can also custom-set FAL to fit multiple roles. Up close, it is fully capable of competing with the MP5 and Mac-10. From afar, even Kilo 141 and Grau with laser precision can struggle against. Semi-automatic weapons are not for everyone, but if you enjoy using them, I recommend trying this out on more of the more popular DMR-14.

Gallo SA12

Season 2 continues with the theme that rifles are the most underrated rifles War zone. Despite being the most widely used rifle in the War zone, The Gallo SA12 I still didn’t see that much use. For whatever reason, the existing superstructure has shifted away from the rifles in favor of the more versatile machine guns.

Naturally, the rifles are more circumstantial than your traditional staple rifle. For many, this can be a huge turnout. Furthermore, the rifles required a second weapon to cover the shortage of range. This role is generally filled with a well-rounded assault rifle such as the CR-56 AMAX or FFAR 1.

Call of Duty Gallo Sa12 Build

Assuming you are ready to work around the downsides of using guns, they may come in handy. Unsurprisingly, rifles generally kill faster than any other close-up weapon. Among the nine rifles currently available are War zone, The Gallo SA12 excels at everything thanks to its best-in-class rate of fire.

Since the Gallo only requires two shots to shoot down the enemy, this fast firing rate is great. Let me put just how terrifying the Gallo SA12 is in context. Do you remember th Origin of 12 dead? Modern warfareAnnoying gun took control War zone For a good month or two. Well, Gallo SA 12 kills faster than Origin 12 game ever. If people realize this, I promise you will start seeing this often underrated weapon War zone.


Although most players run Overkill on their first upload, some still choose to go straight to Ghost instead. Being able to off your enemy’s radar in the middle of the game is the most effective way to reach the top five or so. It might be nice to shoot down 20 kills in a game, but to win, you actually want to avoid gun battles where possible.

The obvious downside to going for Ghost on your first upload is that you’re stuck with only one gun. This means you’ll need a weapon that’s versatile and works well in all ranges. And if that is your goal, then there is no better option than the MP7.

Warzone Season Two Best MP7 Shotguns

This submachine gun became one of the most underrated rifles in the War zone. So far, Season 2 has not altered this situation. The MP7’s ability to shoot down enemies from anywhere between close to vacuum and over 100 meters is unmatched by any other SMG. Its damage yield is bypassed by the MP5, but the superior iron sights and low recoil make it easier to use.

Moreover, even with the heavy FSS Recon barrel and equipped monolithic piston, the MP7 remains one of the best guns to handle. War zone. At extreme ranges it can start to struggle, but picking up an enemy sniper rifle isn’t too difficult to cover this weakness. bone War zone Teams in Season 2 will operate at least one Kar98k or SP-R 700 because both are currently some of the best shotguns.

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