Legion online PC mode has been delayed indefinitely

Watch Dogs: Legion He looks like he’s in better shape these days, but he’s definitely not going to get people excited again anytime soon. The game was supposed to start in an online mode that allowed players to participate in a mix of activities, both PvP and PvE. Internet connection mode was previously delayed Watch Dogs: Legion Launched in October. Fast forward to now, and we’re looking forward to a delay of about six months.

We definitely expected the situation to arrive on March 9th Another major correction Set up the stage for online mode, and even Ubisoft It gave players a breakdown What to expect upon launch. However, the developer has I decided to delay The situation again due to a problem detected that causes the game to crash on some GPUs.

No new release date has been set for the game’s standard PC version. However, it appears that console owners can still expect to play on March 23, along with those with Stadia accounts. It’s unfortunate to hear this last part, but it’s true that Stadia is its platform in its own right and should not be confused with PC.

Watch Dogs Legion online mode delayed

But we’re getting old while waiting here.

Delay is not something to play around with

Watch Dogs: Legion It’s a game that, in general, has had a lot of delays. The game was originally supposed to launch on March 6, 2020, but Ubisoft has made a decision to postpone it for further refinement. Ironically, one year after the original release date, the promised launch features still got delayed.

Things seemed to be going well for the game. Sure, delays aren’t always a bad thing, as no one wants an unwanted product or experience. Hope it is a very late online situation for Watch Dogs: Legion Turned out to be a great experience on a PC, whenever it arrived.

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