How to summon and defeat the Grand Boss in Valheim

Greetings, brave Viking warrior. She arrived with the first Ikthir Cup Valheim head, After being defeated in a glorious battle – and now looking to take on the second president, the infamous sheikh. A challenge to a true Viking hero. Let’s prepare for this great battle – we’ll share our knowledge of how to summon The Elder, and how to defeat The Elder by just waking him from his slumber.

First things first – to start the party, you must locate the Elder Summon Stone. To find it, you’ll need to venture into the burial chambers and structures around the Black Forest, and eventually you’ll come across a rune that points to The Elder’s Altar. Hopefully, the altar is not too far away; Once you get there, we recommend creating a portal nearby so that anyone dying in the fighting can jump back onto their tombstone and join the fight quickly. To build a portal, you need ten dwarf eyes, two hanging cores, and twenty softwoods – collected by chopping birch and oak trees with an ax of bronze.

Once defeated, The Elder drops a trophy that can be pinned to stones near the eggs to unlock new Forsaken Power, allowing you to chop down trees faster; Ideal for gathering resources to initiate a Valheim building outburst. The Elder also drops Swamp Keys, which are used to unlock Sunken Crypts, which contain piles of scrap that you can mine to obtain Valhaim is iron.

How to summon the Sheikh

To summon the eldest, place three ancient seeds in the burnt pot in the middle of the sacrificial altar. The forest will move, and the Sheikh will appear, demanding revenge on you and your fellow Vikings for his sudden awakening.

A forest in Valheim, with four columns surrounding a burning pot, has been used to summon The Elder

be cerfull; If for some reason you put three more old seeds in the bowl, it will summon another elder, which will make things very difficult for you, so don’t do it.

How to defeat the Sheikh

Here’s what you need to know Before you fight the elder boss In Valheim. He has three attacks. a Trample attack Who inflicts massive damage on the AoE region around it, A. Karma attack Geared towards one player, and Root Summon Attack Which causes vines to grow from the ground to attack nearby players.

Forming a team is the most logical way to deal with a large, divergent fellow. This is because The Elder is targeting the closest player with his attacks, so if you split up, most of you can focus on attacking from a safe distance, while the aggression bearer evades his vines. Most of his attacks are relatively simple at dribbling; Although we recommend equipping the troll Valheim shield Bronze Shield reduces the speed of your movement – and uses Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power to increase your stamina so you can keep running.

The elder, the second Walheim chief, fired the vines at the player, with tendrils surrounding his wooden feet

The elder’s various vine attack destroys the trees and rocks in its path, but it does not destroy the pillars that surround his altar. Therefore it is highly recommended that you use these pillars as cover, especially if you are trying to defeat The Elder on your own.

The sheikh is vulnerable to damage, so Fire arrows It will be very helpful. Be sure to craft several piles beforehand; Eight wood, eight resin and two feathers, you’ll get 20 of them. You should also make sure you have plenty of HP, and a few healing doses and stamina, prepared with Valheim fermentation.

You’re now ready to take on The Elder – as soon as you get victory, we’ll be ready Valhaim Bonimas A coach’s guide to help you meet your next boss. You will also be able to craft some new things Valheim weapons With scrap iron you will find it at Sunken Crypts. If your elder’s spawn point is too far away and you’re feeling lazy, try creating a world with one The best Valheim seeds To find a more suitable altar site.

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