Outriders Legendary Weapon Guide: All Legendaries on the Show

If you’ve been spending too much time killing enemies in the upcoming People Can Fly shooter demo, you might be wondering how to get your hands on those in search of the Outriders’ legendary weapons. If you are interested in Enoch’s legendary weapons, waiting to be discovered and used in a glorious battle, we have the full list from the demo so far.

Outriders equipment is dropped from enemies, found in chests, awarded as important rewards, or purchased from vendors. Each piece of gear in Outriders has its own level, and is one of five rare types: Common, Unusual, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Above the unusual level, the gear comes with various bonus attributes that provide additional reinforcements when equipped, such as extra critical damage, armor penetration, or increased health. The higher level gear will have more bonus attributes attached to it.

In addition to the bonus attributes, the gear above the rare level also comes with mods, powerful effects that tweak your playing style, some of which change how class skills work. If you have two items in the same position, these effects will not accumulate. From the looks of things, some of the legendary mods contain a regular version, an “enhanced” version, and a “final” version. The oblique numbers (damage, idle, etc.) in describing your weapon mod refer to the values ​​that are based on the stats for your particular weapon.

How to get the Outriders legendary weapons

Since you’ll be able to carry the legendary weapons you find in the Outriders demo, and ultimately extract their powerful mods for use in future weapons, players have worked hard at grinding them before Outriders release date.

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To have the best chance to find a legendary weapon from the Outriders, set your world level to five, the highest possible in the demo. This gives you a Epic Drop rate bonus of 25%. In the video above, YouTuber Fallout Plays explains that the best site for raising the Outriders’ legendary weapons is the story point of “Facing the Mutants in the Tower”.

Once you reach the start of the mission, there are four loot chests available to unlock if you go back across the level, and one inside the building in front of you. Fallout Plays proposes that you play with a friend, sets automatic loot to “shared”, sends out one player again to loot the boxes, while the others head forward, loot the last box, start fighting with Gauss on the roof, and automatically teleport their teammates to them. . It may take several tries before you find yourself a legend; We wish you good luck.

All the Outriders legendary weapons

There are ten legendary Outriders weapons in the demo, thanks to OutridersPlus’ Twitter user Twitter threadWe know what we’re looking for.

The Outriders legendary weapons are:

An organic looking legendary weapon covered in bone and a glowing blue light



  • Ultimately the storm whip – The shots drop lightning on the enemy.
  • Striga A percentage of serious damage is returned to you as health.

Legendary weapon Outriders covered with scraps of flaming fabric

Voodoo matchmaker


  • Final Damage Link – Shots bind the enemies, and share a percentage of the damage dealt to their weapon and a percentage of the anomaly damage caused by them.
  • Weaknesses – Weak shots fall on the enemies.

Legendary weapon Outriders covered in gray rock veins, between which are purple glowing crystals

Rarrog look


  • Vulnerability trap – Shots cause explosions, deal damage, and inflict weakness on enemies within a radius of the target.
  • Burning bullets – Bullets cause burns to enemies.

Legendary weapon Outriders with an eagle stylized above it, wings spread

The Aryan master

Pump action gun

  • Weightlessness – Shots hit time slit on enemies. Time Rift raises the enemy in the air.
  • Critical point – Increases the chance of scoring a decisive shot.

A mythic rock incandescent weapon with golden notches on its side

Golm party

Pump action gun

  • Golem height – Deadly shots give you the protective Golem effect.
  • The vampire – Killer Shots grants a leech skill boost.

Legendary weapon Outriders completely covered in gray stalactites


Action bolt gun

  • Winter blast Critical shots create an icy explosion that freezes enemies within a certain radius.
  • Icebreaker – Kill shots against frozen enemies make them explode and deal damage.

Legendary weapon Outriders with prominent rib-like bones and purple crystals

Grim Marrow

Light weapon

  • Uniqueness – Fatal shots create an anomalous uniqueness. When destroyed, the singularity explodes, dealing damage to enemies within a certain radius.
  • Improved stiffening Slow shots fall on the enemies.

Legendary weapon Outriders topped with vibrant sticky flesh and bones protruding from it


Submachine gun

  • The bullets eventually bleed – Bullets bleed on the enemies.
  • In front of the bomb – Deadly bullets turn enemies into a thorny bomb that inflicts damage.

Legendary weapon Outriders with thick orange flesh, rags and bones

Amber Vault

Double gun

  • Killing spree – Fatal shots increase damage by a certain percentage for a specified period. The bounty deteriorates over time and accumulates up to five kills.
  • Cannibals Critical shots do not consume ammo.

Outriders legendary weapon that appears to be worn out and covered in glowing blue light

Torment and torment


  • The enforcer of judgment – Mark enemies shots. When reloading, deal the damage multiplier that your weapon inflicts on each specific enemy. Flags are removed when you change your weapon.
  • Clip combustion Reloading the weapon causes a shock wave, inflicting damage to enemies within a certain radius.

These are all of the Outriders’ legendary weapons in the demo; To learn more about the game, check out Classes of Outriders Manual, or better Outriders Technomancer Building – And if you are a true collector, you might be interested in ours Alien Destiny 2 Went well.

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