No new status will be released, focus on relaunching PUBG Mobile

Some reports indicate that PUBG Mobile India will head to the country soon while others deny the allegations. A new report coming along the way from publisher Krafton confirms that battle royale will soon be relaunched in the country. This comes as a relief to the gaming community. We have to mention that the government has not specifically confirmed the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India. According to a report from Sportskeeda, Crafton is in talks with government officials to bring back the battle royale game. Also read – PUBG: New State Game can be launched in India as Indian website code is spotted

Crafton is said to be trying very hard to get the blocked people PUBG Mobile game for India. The report notes that the publisher has no plans to release the new PUBG: New State game in the country as several reports in the past few weeks have suggested. Krafton decided not to open pre-registrations for PUBG: New State in the Country. The focus is on re-launching the PUBG Mobile India game. Read also – PUBG is an example of a violent, clear and addictive game: Federation Minister Prakash Javadekar

Is PUBG Mobile India Coming to India?

According to the report, a Krafton representative said, “With Krafton doing everything in his power to prepare for launch PUBG The app is specially developed and maintained for India, it has decided not to include pre-registration for PUBG: New State in India. ”This indicates that the company is currently focusing on bringing PUBG Mobile India into the country. Crafton is said to be in talks with the government and trying hard to go after those responsible. Read also – PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass has been revealed: How to Get It, Rewards, and More

PUBG New State

“We are waiting for the Indian government to study and decide on our next plan with PUBG in the region,” the report quoted a Krafton Communications representative as saying.

The same report quotes Sean Hyunil Sohn, Crafton’s head of corporate development, who said, “I can’t tell the timing or anything because we don’t know yet. But what I can say is, we do care a lot about the Indian market and also this is how I get to know you. And making friends in the Indian gaming industry now. So for sure, we will work hard to achieve that. “

FAUG vs PUBG and PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile was banned in India again in September of last year along with many other Chinese apps. Since the ban, PUBG has been working to address all concerns raised by the government and re-release the mobile game in the country.

In December of last year, PUBG Corporation announced the advent of PUBG Mobile India, a customized version of the original battle royale game. In the announcement, the company confirmed that the Indian version of the game will be offered inside the country, and aspects such as security and privacy will be the main areas of focus.

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