Blue light doesn’t spoil your eyes, but you may want to reduce your exposure anyway

In 2020, MSI announced a release PRO MP242 Series of Eye Care Monitors, with Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Technology. I have seen software and prescription lenses that promise to reduce blue light exposure, but this was the first time I saw a computer screen with the built-in feature. I asked an MSI representative why this became a selling point — what was the actual risk of blue light exposure?

“Prolonged exposure can affect our vision through premature aging of the eye and even cause damage to the retina of the eye, leading to macular degeneration,” they said. “Also, as one of the shorter wavelengths of energy in the spectrum of light, the flash of blue light is easier and longer than other types of weaker wavelengths. This flickering results in eyestrain and thus, more damage to the eye and vision.”

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