Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection patch notes

Only a few days have passed since the end Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event And Respawn Entertainment has already announced the upcoming upcoming event to the hero-based battle royale. There will only be a week between the two events, which is ridiculously short, but great for the players. This time it’s all about caustic. The Apex Legends Chaos Theory collection event Patch Notes brings loads of cosmetics, a demo mode, takeover of the city, and some necessary changes to myths and weapons.

For all the information about the Capture of Caustic City, the Ring Fury Escalation Demo, and the new Heat Shield item, you can Check out our previous article. Today, we’re digging into the exciting parts – changes to legends and upcoming weapons with the Chaos Theory set event.

Legend updates

First, the crazy of the moment, Caustic. It receives two fairly significant downsides with the new correction. Its Nox gas will now only deal 5 damage per marker, instead of increasing the number from 6 to 12. This would make the push of caustic pressing an area or building much less than the death penalty. Another nerf for the poison professor is that the quiet time of the Nox gas bomb has been increased from 2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes. Another phenomenal nerf.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Wattson Caustic Nerf

Since the change that allowed Caustic’s allies to roam freely in his gas without suffering damage, Legend was very good at controlling territories. However, I suspect these changes are a bit extreme. The myth will be less influential now.

Pathfinder is getting good improvement with the update. He no longer suffers from Low Profile, causing Legends to have a hard time dealing 5% additional damage. Pathfinder is incredibly mobile. However, he does have a big hit box – a hangover from the days his scorecard was broken and that often caused hits to go unrecorded.

Gibraltar gets a decrease in its Protection Dome. No longer use healing tools 15% faster when under the hood. Revenant Silence now disables Mirage and Octane slings. Speaking of passive voice, Wattson gets a little extra. It now continuously regenerates 0.5 shield per second – half the octane health regeneration.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Wattson Buff

Horizon gets a fairly significant decrease in its sheer power. Black Hole now has a 3-minute slowdown period, up from 2. The change doesn’t affect the best part of its range, Gravity Lift. However, the change is good because Black Hole gives you a massive advantage in battles.

The latest Legend change that comes with the Chaos Theory event is Rampart, who is struggling to find a place for himself in the Apex games. Explosives will now deal normal damage to Amped and Shiela’s coat.

Weapon updates

The most welcome update of the entire patch is the Mastiff’s reduction in strength. Venice dominated the corridors since the start of the eighth season. Therefore, the damage to pellets decreased from 13 to 11 per bullet. In addition, the rate of fire is slowed from 1.0 to 1.1. A small change that I think will have a big impact.

Mastiff Nerf Chaos Theory Group

Wingman gets a hard boost, each magazine size will now carry one extra bullet. I feel like I can’t even use Wingman unless I have Blue Magic on it. So, this is a very welcome update. Hemlok gets a small lump with increased hip bullet spread.

Concluding the weapon changes, all Gold Assault Rifles and LMGs will now come with a 2x Bruiser optic. Additionally, you can now remove the optics on the gold weapons and exchange them for another one of your choice – this change does not apply to Kraber.

Apex Legends map upgrade

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Group Event Update not only makes changes to legends and weapons, it only received its Kings Canyon map once. It now has more loot overall, so you can loot less and fight more. There are a few other quality-of-life updates and bug fixes that come with the patch. Everything can be found in the full Apex Legends Chaos Theory Correction Notes. The event starts on March 9th.

Keep an eye out for our guide to the collection event, which will tell you how to unlock all the cosmetics.

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