The upcoming Apex Legends event begins on Tuesday and includes the capture of Caustic City and a new group event

It’s a busy start to the year Apex Legends. After the anniversary event (which just ended, by the way), another event is planned for a release next week.

Introducing chaos theory. If you missed the caustic joke on the loading screen or some of the newly added biohazard drops littered around the Crash Site, that means you probably didn’t know the next event is all about the gas daddy.

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According to Shrugtal, one of the pioneers of the Apex Legends leak, there should be a trailer for the upcoming event coming out sooner tomorrow. This isn’t a long time to pause between events. Good things, Return.

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What does the event bring? Well, Caustic already has his own death hammer, so another legend is set to bring together an event and match the legacy element.

This time around Bangalore. This old school legend hasn’t received much love over the years – even though it does have some of the best legendary skins – and it was time to get its hands on heirloom.

The Bangalore legacy is a kind of knife or baton, with little to no military background for this element. If you want to know what legacy looks like, leaked images are available out there.

Besides the group event, there is another limited-time game mode that releases in the regular playlist. This is the new way to incorporate time-limited mechanisms into normal gameplay. So whether you love it or hate it, you’ll experience this limited time in bars starting Tuesday next week.

Leakers confirmed that the LTM is most likely called “Ring Frenzy” and includes some kind of crazy sealing ring, with concentric circles and a “gas mask” element that you can pick up from the floor. Hey, Warzone?

This leaves Caustic’s Town Takeover. Town Takeovers are basically new POIs lovingly dedicated to an existing myth. Pathfinder owns the boxing ring in Olympus, while Mirage owns the party boat in King Canyon.

You can expect TT Caustic to be gaseous. Real gases. What that actually implies is anyone’s guess. Traps are spread around? Radiant water that burns your feet? Tomorrow’s trailer and more details will be included.

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But that’s not all for Apex in March. On the same day the event begins, Apex is also launched on the Nintendo Switch. Whether you are a fan of thumb games or not, this is only beneficial for the future of the game and introduces more players to the arena.

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