Revita Early Access – Is this lightweight rogue job worth it?

I’m often excited to try new Rogue Lite movies. Even if they can look and feel somewhat the same, many of them have interesting properties. Revita It enters Early Entry this week and brings 2D shooting action with a little bit of Hell on the table. Besides beautiful pixel artwork, the game piqued my interest when I focused on it for the first time. At launch, Revita It is characterized by the first three regions. Over the seven months more will be added to the nine that you are set to spend on further development. It contains a large number of familiar elements and a unique feature or two, but the question arises: Is it worth it?

Revita It puts you in control of a young boy who repeatedly struggles through a clock tower in order to defeat his enemy. When you first start the game, you’ll go through a brief tutorial before the fighting starts. However, you will have to lose no matter how well you perform and end up returning to the game center. Once you get there, it’s up to you to take the metro train to the clock tower a few times until you see things through.

The various non-playable characters you’ll find in the clock tower fill the hub Revita. Editing each one of them will allow creating a store to aid in future operations. At first, there are only two NPCs. One of them is a giant, abominable creature that allows you to unlock new reinforcements for you to find on your rides. Others watch flowers on the tree and give you rewards for achieving certain milestones.

Revita Early Access

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RevitaSimple structure. Enter the clock tower and pass through about ten floors to each area, culminating in a boss battle. Each empty room that you enter will then get flashes of light to inform you of where the enemies are spawning. Once they do, you shoot them until they die. When there’s nothing left to blow, an elevator will take you to the next floor. You can also use this time to unlock the side doors with dropped switches that lead to pickups, chests, and power-ups. When you defeat a boss, you move to the next area and repeat the steps.

Combat is similarly basic. You have a pistol and you shoot things with it. Only, the rifle has an obnoxious short range and I don’t find using it to be fun at all. Plus, the enemies are boring, and they are similarly fought. Room layouts are pedestrianized and somewhat boring, and you’ll mostly be shooting enemies from high ground. Your character has a dash that conferring immunity, which is indispensable for keeping out of harm’s way, but everything here is so simple that I had a hard time getting into it.

The unique aspect of Revita Is that you will get most of the boosts and the like by spending health as currency. When you kill the enemies, they drop the core that fills a meter allowing you to recover a full core if the said meter is full. But it takes a while to fill up, and by default, each stroke takes a full heart, which is 25% of what you start with. This makes spending a little of your health on upgrades seem too risky. The difficulty in the game only stems from the amount of damage the enemies inflict, as there is nothing difficult or demanding about this title.

Honestly, I am not having fun Revita Absolutely. I find it uninteresting and I don’t care about combat, enemies or the health system as currency. Boss fights fare better, but there’s not much to recommend it. There are many similar revelers who do everything better, and I highly recommend playing them before trying this one. As of now, my vote is that Not worth it or not.

Revita Early Access

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