The main trailer for Dota: Dragon’s Blood from Netflix is ​​here

Valve and Netflix just released their promised headline trailer for Dota: Dragon’s Blood. And it does not disappoint. You still have to wait until March 25 for the first episode to air on Netflix. Based on the fact that there will be a first show, I think the series will only air one episode at a time – rather than dump the classic Netflix episode.

If you haven’t seen the previous one Dota: Dragon’s Blood Trailer, I suggest you Check out the teaser Before watching the main trailer. It will give you more context for the story Valve is trying to tell. It’ll also give you a few more drops of details, which will help you reach the premiere at the end of the month.

In the Dota: Dragon’s Blood Main trailer, battle lines are drawn. Davion, The Dragon Knight, fights some inner demons (or dragons). We already know he’s teaming up with Mirana, the Priestess of the Moon. She is a loyal servant of Solomon, the moon goddess. However, Invoker suggests that the heroes do not know who the goddess really is. Apparently, her light hides the darkness.

spot Dota 2 a hero

Other than Dragon Knight, Mirana, and Invoker, there are a few more Dota 2 The heroes that appear in Dragon’s blood Main trailer. Clear color. You can see her mobilizing her forces for battle. I think the one who steals a Selemene lotus from the temple is a Templar Assassin. Her running style is a strong indication of this.

Tumblr Tumblr Battle Blood Dota Master Dragon

Is this a killer Tumblr?

We finally reached Mount Mirana, Sagan. There are a lot of dragons in the promo, but I don’t think any of them are the dragon heroes from the game. It also remains unclear who the orange-haired sidekick is following Mirana. Who is the knight who fights the dragon in the end?

The anime description on Netflix says that Davion will need to “use the dragon’s power within him to stop a mortal demon.” Unlisted Dota: Dragon’s Blood Trailer strongly suggests the Devil is Terrorblade.

This raises a lot of questions. Basically, what is the connection to Selemene and Terrorblade? This appears to be an unlikely alliance.

While waiting for March 25, check out other video game titles that Netflix has adapted to the animated series. Castlevania It is an especially good option. Dragon doctrine Also worth seeing.

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