New Call of Duty Warzone Map – Everything We Know

Want to learn more about the new Warzone map? Verdansk, Warzone’s first large-scale map appears to be finally nearing its end when Season 2 ends in April. Die-hard players know everything about the nuclear weapons hidden inside War zone bunkers, But have not been used since they were introduced to Battle royale game. Based on the latest rumors, nuclear weapons may be the key to Verdansk’s rejuvenation.

Game developers Raven Software and Infinity Ward have made an effort to connect the stories of the Cold War campaign, Zombies, and Warzone. Verdansk is based on the Modern Warfare campaign and is currently 37 years ahead of the Cold War timeline. There’s a chance the next Warzone map will put players back in time to sync the three modes.

There was speculation that the new map could head over to Warzone ahead of the mode’s first anniversary on March 10. This is unlikely to happen due to recent changes in Season 2 that introduced several nuclear weapons to the map, in addition to zombies for the first time. Here’s everything we know about the new Warzone map so far.

The release date of the new war zone map

The new Warzone map will likely be released on April 22nd. This is the same day that the Battle of the Second Season ends. Developers previously introduced map changes to Verdansk in the middle of the season, but the brand new map will definitely be the highlight of Season 3. VGC sources Claiming that the new map was supposed to launch near the release date of Black Ops Cold War, but “several factors” pushed the map back.

New location for the war zone map

The rumor prevailing at the moment is that the Warzone map will be linking to the latest Call of Duty game. Given the developers’ efforts to align stories across all three game modes, it looks like the new map will be set in the 1980s.

Since Verdansk is based on maps in Modern Warfare, fans are expecting the next Warzone map to be built around historic Black Ops levels. Call of Duty Leaked ModernWarzone It was mentioned that Black Ops Zoo will likely appear on the new Warzone map.

Will Verdansk ever return?

Once the new map is introduced in April, Verdansk is unlikely to be playable for some time. Warzone allows players to choose between the smaller Rebirth Island map and the larger Verdansk map based on the type of experience players want to have. There’s no reason the developers can’t run both maps in separate playlists, but that might divert attention away from Black Ops Cold War. Verdansk could return in the future, but only when the next Modern Warfare game launches.

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