Riot Games and Valorant unveil the cosmic capabilities of new client Astra

Riot Games’ hero shooter gets another new member on the list. If you are looking to take full control of the map, then you are definitely on a trip. Astra, the cosmic caster from Ghana, is Ready to unleash Its useful abilities and its star shape brave. From what we can tell, the capabilities will give her great control over the space around her. The characters keep getting more and more interesting, and I’m sure the definition will be too Shake off again Also.

At this point in time, it’s still a bit difficult to guess how it will fit into the gameplay. However, her skill set definitely requires some veteran attention brave.

When it comes to Astra and her abilities, the important thing to note is that she needs to star while she is in her astral form. These stars can then be activated to implement the rest of their abilities. Astra’s star shape allows it to float around the map without restrictions and to place its stars freely. The trade off is that her physical body will be a target for anyone.

When the right opportunity presents itself during a match brave, Astra can activate its capabilities either in or out of a star form.

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As for what its stars can do, it is multifunctional. Her ability to Gravity Well changes a star into Gravity Well. Players will be pulled in the area towards the center before the explosion occurs. All players trapped inside will be fragile and prime targets.

Nova Pulse can confuse players by stunned them. Ability charges for a short time before activating and hitting all players within the surrounding area. Finally, if you need cover or just want to hide the opponent, nebula’s ability provides good cover.

Games of riot and valor reveal the cosmic potential of the new agent Astra (2)

Finally, Astra has the ultimate in Cosmic Divide in braveAnd the This allows it to connect two points anywhere on the map. This will then form a barrier that can block bullets, vision, and even sound. It will be interesting to see how players use this powerful ability.

Astra will arrive brave When the second episode of Act Two drops next week on March 2. Just remember Do not line up dribbling.

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