A new bug in Warzone leaves players without weapons

Call of Duty: A War Zone The second season brought more content like New weapons And zombies. Despite this, the update has seen a disappointing bug return. The Stimulating shot It can be considered one of the most controversial pieces of equipment in the Call of Duty: A War Zone. It can be useful if you need a health boost when you are in a gunfight or if you need a quick escape, for example. However, it is the stimulus shot that is responsible for the well-known infinite stimulation defect, to which it returned War zone many times. This exploit allowed players to use Steam in the gas continuously until the end of the games and guaranteed easy wins. Unfortunately, no War zone The teaser shot is still the root of the other game’s crash issue.

A new defect in motivation appears to be causing problems for players trying to revive their teammates. a Call of Duty: The War Zone Admirer He posted a clip on Reddit, Which indicates a defect of the new stimulus at work. As you can see from the clip, the player was playing a game War zone On the map of Rebirth Island. The player tried to revive a team-mate who had fallen before being eliminated. As a result, the player who tried to resurrect his teammate is left without a weapon. Not long after that, the player was spotted by an enemy and was unable to fight.

The war zone stimulus shot continues to cause problems

Various players commented that they had encountered a similar problem. One user explained that the stimulation prevented them from grabbing a gun or any other items they encountered. The problem of breaking the game itself appeared during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It will be interesting to see if Raven Software will roll out a fix in a future update. You can keep up with the bugs and glitches that the developers are addressing on the admin War zone Trello Council.

Game breaking glitch. From CODWarzone

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