Frontier talks about weapons in the latest Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Q&A

Come on spring, guys Dangerous Elite He would be able to jump into more planetary exploration as well It opens up a whole new space For combat and missions. The Dangerous Elite: Odyssey The expansion will definitely be big, as developer Frontier Developments is striving to make it happen Re-imagining the really massive game Into something bigger. However, when you land on unknown planets and otherwise, it will likely encounter some resistance one way or the other. Luckily, Dangerous Elite: Odyssey You will always have a weapon ready for you to defend yourself.

In a new way Question and answer limitsThe team answered all methods of questions about weapons in Dangerous Elite: Odyssey. More specifically, it was all about infantry weapons. With Dangerous Elite: Odyssey Having a great emphasis on being able to bring harm to hostile residents around the galaxy, having weapons is definitely important. As Frontier explains, players will always have a side arm to aid them in the fight. You will never be defenseless.

In addition to this chunk of important information, the developers also talked more about potential equipment players who could get their hands on it.

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If you find yourself facing vehicles, the side arm won’t help you much. Instead, you will need to use more effective weapons such as rocket launchers and grenades. At launch, these will be the only explosive weapons available.

Aside from that, you will have access to a variety of weapons. These include pistols, shotguns, SMGs, shotguns, and rocket launchers. Frontier will share more about the weapon system at a later time. For some players, the ability to shoot will be important. This will be enabled for all weapons, with different scopes giving you different magnifications. Weapons in Dangerous Elite: Odyssey Attachments can also be upgraded.

Hudood talks about weapons in the latest epic of the Dangerous Elite Q&A (2)

If you find yourself in a situation that calls for fighting at close range, there will always be melee combat options to rely on. When playing with others, you can also throw ammo, grenades, and even weapons to each other.

Space seems to be really noisy when the fight starts. Watch out for yourself when Dangerous Elite: Odyssey It arrives later this spring.

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