Slocap focuses on the single player experience of Sifu

The recent PlayStation State of Play had a lot of surprises for PC gamers, too. One of them happened to be from the Slocab family Sifu, Which is a one-player martial arts player who is about a one-man mission for revenge. Judging from Slocap’s past work on Melee RPG absolute, Apparently the studio has a thing for kung fu. if it was Uncover the trailer about Sifu It is whatever we go through, we are dealing with it. However, the trailer itself also left us with a lot of questions about the game that need to be answered.

Talking to computer games, Executive Producer Pierre Tarno answered certain questions about the game, but he also left a lot to the imagination when it came to it Sifu.

This was perhaps the most important thing that was revealed in the interview Sifu You will be limited to one player experience. Although Slocab worked absolute And its living elements, this would not be the case for Sifu. Instead of shifting team attention towards elements like online features, Slocap is completely focused on making single player gameplay shine through Sifu.

As such, players can expect a similar full linear adventure to movies like The big boy. Entrance full of bad guys and one clever hero? Calculate it to me.

Your fists don’t have to do all the talking though. Environments in Sifu You’ll play a big role, too. Players can climb ledges, throw objects, use furniture, and grab whatever is on hand to use as a weapon. It pays to be alert while fighting.

Classic formula

structure Sifu It is also quite clear. With our hero looking to avenge his fallen family, his goal is to bring down five assassins. The roads to these killers are filled with goons, and no hideout is complete without goons. Delete the followers and get the target. This is how Slocab is structured Sifu.

Of course, it won’t be easy. You can die, but you will always come back to fight. Contrary to what many may think, do not age while you are dying. Instead, aging simply shows how the hero and player slowly became masters of kung fu.

Speaking of kung fu, Slukab takes her inspiration from a specific fighting style, Pak Mei Kung Fu.

Slocap wants Sifu to focus on the single player experience

Combat basics

For the sake of originality, the game features a kung fu master. In this case, it’s Benjamin Culos, the master of Lao Siu Leung Pak Mei. Creative Director Jordan Lanny is a student in Colos, and the Masters’ contribution to combat and aspects of culture has been invaluable.

Both the movement and value of Pak Mei Kung Fu play a huge role in Sifu. It remains to be seen how this will happen, but it is a worthy goal that deserves to be pursued.

Just like the way you work in real life, you will have to master the combat. Only with practice and mastery will you really be able to defeat your enemies. Expect a real challenge when launching Slocap Sifu, Because single player is not going to be simple.

No release date has been set for the game, but the developer is targeting a fall release on the Epic Games Store. This should give you plenty of time to learn about Cantonese since then Sifu It means mastering that language.

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