Hearts of Iron 4 cheats – guide to the best console commands

Is it time to get rid of some Hearts of Iron IV cheats? Great strategy games Offers a great strategic sandbox to play in, but it can also be challenging. If you’re aiming for a long-term goal, you’ll often need everything exactly According to plan, or your run will be completely destroyed.

There are other reasons to play, of course, and there is a wonderfully vibrant game Hearts of Iron 4 Mods A scene that lets you experience the game in new and exciting ways. But if you want to take a vanilla game through its stride, you might need some help in other ways. Like most games, Hearts of Iron IV has a command console that lets you shorten your way to various results with the help of some console commands.

We’ve rolled before Outside a similar guide to Victoria 2If you want to read that. We cannot get full credit – there is a useful resource in the form of The official wiki paradox, Beside This is a handy guide on Steam We used to help gather important information. We haven’t listed every command available, but we do have the most interesting ones for its gameplay.

Hearts of Iron 4 cheats

There is one thing to note about the console commands below, as many of them require the Country ID tag. For example “ENG” means Great Britain. There is an easy way to discover the signs of the country you are interested in. Show the command console (usually TAB, but it will depend on the keyboard), and type tdebug Then hover over the country you want, and the sign will appear.

You can also do this for state and county IDs as well, but you may need to switch map modes to get the correct information.

  • earn [amount] – The chosen Commander or General will get the specified amount of XP
  • cp [amount] – Use this command to increase your driving power (max 100%)
  • Street [amount] – Add stability (up to 100% max). Stabilization using a negative number.
  • Th [amount] – Add war support (max 100%). Remove support with a negative number.
  • allowtraits – This order removes the restrictions on personalizing public features.
  • add_equipment [amount] [equipment name] – Use this to add any amount of the specified equipment to your (non-marine) inventory. You will need to research it first to use it.
  • add_latest_equipment [amount] – Similar to the above, but it will only add the specified number to the equipment listed on the logistics screen.
  • White Pace [country tag] [country tag] This will lead to the immediate imposition of a white peace between the two designated country marks
  • Teleport [province id] – Immediate transportation of selected ships or armies to the designated county identifier.
  • allowdiplo You are permitted to use any diplomatic measure (such as declaring war) without justification.
  • Immediate construction Enable or disable construction fraud, which causes all construction to happen instantly
  • Research [slot id / ‘all’] – This can be used to search all equipment, or just objects in a specific hole.
  • search_on_icon_click Use this to instantly search for any technology you click on.
  • Attached [country tag] Begin by including the specific country marker, whose territory will be incorporated into your nation.
  • Winwars – Get the maximum number of War Points for each conflict you are currently involved in.
  • Man power [amount] Gain the exact amount of manpower in your reserves.
  • Logo card [country tag] – Use this to change the country you are playing in. You will need the country mark.
  • Watching – Less cheat, and more great way to watch the game play itself.
  • The investor [country tag] [state id] Assignment / change of state ownership to a specific country.
  • Setupcontroller [country tag] [province id] – Assign / change state controller to specific country.
  • XP [amount] – Gain the specified amount of experience for all swimming pools (Army, Navy and Air)
  • s [amount] Gaining the specified amount of political power.
  • Civil war [ideology] [country tag] The ignition of a civil war within the state, with a specific ideology: “fascism”, “democracy”, “neutrality” and “communism.”
  • add_party_popularity [ideology group] [amount] Adds the specified amount of popularity to the selected party, the same options mentioned above.
  • set_ruling_party [ideology group] Designates the identified ideological group as the ruling party: “f” (fascism), “d” (democracy), “n” (neutrality), and “c” (communism).
  • concentration Allows you to ignore concentration requirements.
  • Focus Requirements Allows you to ignore concentration requirements.
  • resolution It allows you to ignore the decision requirements.
  • nuclear [amount] Adds the specified amount of nuclear weapons to your country’s arsenal.
  • Yes man – Causes Amnesty International in the country to automatically accept any diplomatic offers.
  • deleteallunits [country tag] – Delete all armies and fleets from the selected country tag.
  • Fronts – Switch visibility of foreign fronts.
  • Trade routes – Shifts visibility of trade routes.
  • debug_tactics – To toggle the visibility of the Correct Tactics tool tip.
  • Nomapicons – to toggle visibility of icons in the map.
  • Nopausetext Pause menu – toggle visibility of the pause menu.
  • More than humans [amount] – He adds more people. Use a negative number to subtract.
  • add_autonomy [country tag] [amount] – Adds or subtracts from the level of autonomy of the specific country.
  • add_interest [country tag] – Country specific sign adds to your interest.
  • remove_interest [country tag] – Removes the country specific tag from your interest.
  • fow – Switch the fog of war on / off. You can also define an interrupt ID to switch fow in one location.
  • Save the game It is imposed on conservation.
  • add_core [state id] [country tag] – Adds the case marked as “heart” for the selected country.
  • Error – Printing errors from the log file.
  • Movonite [unit id] [province id] – Move the selected unit to the selected governorate.
  • the weather – Toggle weather on / off.
  • Tag_color [rgb] – Set the tag color for your current country.
  • Instant Targets It allows you to use any war target without justification.

This list is not exhaustive, so be sure to check out the official wiki for other cheat commands and console available for this game.

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