The War Zone Yellow Access Card location and how to use it

The new Warzone season has arrived with a mysterious yellow pass. Unlike War Zone vault symbolsThe card is linked to the new season of updates, especially the location of the shipwreck and the arrival of zombies.

That’s not all, though the second season also adds up An assault rifle in a war zone And we have already created a deadly attack Download Fara 83 To show the resulting damage. Like most new War Zone Rifle Inserts, this assault rifle appears to be a little overpowered for now so get it hot Unlock Fara 83 and LC10 in Warzone.

Now, back to the yellow Reach Card, which is part of a new Outbreak Mode that unleashes Verdansk’s hordes of zombies. First, you need to locate the yellow access card at the new shipwreck site. It’s worth noting that only one key card spawns in each game, so there will be a scramble to be the first to get it; Read on to find out what to do with the yellow arrival card once you can catch it.

War Zone Yellow Card website

In the new Shipwreck location, head to the bottom of the ship, where you’ll find loads of zombies to take on. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid this battle because you need to kill all forty zombies in order to drop the yellow access card. You won’t be able to capture the yellow key card and emerge victorious until the last zombie falls.

Yellow Arrival Card Supply Box

Once you have captured the yellow arrival card, your map will direct you towards the supply box. It won’t be far from your location, and you won’t be able to open it without the keycard. The supply box contains all kinds of random loot to help you in your battle on the leaderboard such as gas mask, auto-resuscitate, and even weapons.

Now the yellow access card puzzle is solved in Warzone, choose Best War Zone Gear Drop at this location, as it will be crowded with others Battle royale Players head for the new shipwreck location.

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