The Witcher star Henry Cavill harasses a potential covert Mass Effect project

Henry Cavill has recovered from the injury Production ceased From the magician Season 2 and excites fans about a possible next project. Najma recently posted a Image on Instagram About himself with poetry and makeup, but also showing a small portion of the page with inconspicuous writing The internet has made some investigations, and he thinks the text Cavill reads about him Mass effect.

In the caption for the Instagram photo, Cavill annoyed fans by suggesting that the words on the page might be a secret project, or they could be completely random. People more than Find out the pressure of playing If you run the image through image sharpening software, some keywords are detected.

The words involved are all related to Mass effect Universe. “Geth” is one of those words. at Mass effect, They are a genus of networked artificial intelligence. However, the word “Taazura” is more indicative than that. She is one of the most recognizable characters in the series, having appeared as a playable character in all three games.

Tease Henry Cavill Mass Effect

Mass Effect Scroll or a Complicated Trick?

Further investigations into the text from the image by Gamepressure indicate Cavill is reading a passage from Mass effect 3 Wikipedia page. The clip is about the plot of the game, which leads us to believe that Cavell could summarize a story Mass effect ready for…Something.

Cavill is a well-known gaming fanatic, so its role is in some way Mass effect The project is definitely not a big leap. As for what the project could be, there are a lot of options. It could be a new title in the video game franchise. Netflix loves a good TV show for a video game adaptation, so that might be the case. It could also be a Hollywood movie. However, Henry Cavill could be in vain with fans. He is known to have a good sense of humor. As Cavell himself says in the post: “I think you have to wait and see.”

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