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Persona 5 Attackers It puts a new twist on a modern classic by radically changing the many things players are familiar with. As the Joker, you will return to the Metaverse to fight for the hearts of the people of Japan. It’s great to see the actors leave Tokyo and fight for truth and justice across Japan and we have the goods about how best to help them in their endeavors.

While much of what players know Persona 5 It’s still going to be kind of a business here, so there’s a lot of new things to keep in mind. Luckily for you, everything you need to know and more can be found here at the Guides and Features Center. You will vamp through hordes of demons in no time. Just watch out for spoilers. Some things are better not to be said.

Persona 5 3 striker combat guide


reconsidering – Tim tells it all in this detailed review that is sure to steal your heart.

Technical review We took a close look at the port with loads of screenshots and some graphical comparisons.

How does it compare with the Warriors Toys? – A feature that directly compares the new game with Omega Force the Warriors Franchise.

How does it compare to Persona 5? Similar to the others, but the flip side of it is to examine what the game has in common Persona 5.

General guides

How to unlock level 2 and level 3 chests – Some chests require higher unlocking skill. But how do you unlock higher-level skills?

Who will take the Ferris wheel – How to decide who will drive the Ferris wheel at the start of the game.

Who would take it to Tenboto – Repercussions from taking him to Tenebuto later.

Where to find all the recipes There are quite a number of recipes for you to find in stores all over Japan. You can either see what each one is up for sale in order to buy them all, or we can just tell you and save you some time.

Combat Handbook – This guide breaks the ins and outs of the general fighting mechanisms of the game.

Velvet Room Guide Fusion is a little different this time. Although you will not possess the full set of abilities that are normally provided to you, there is still a lot to learn Persona 5 Strikers.

How to get Persona Points You will spend an inordinate amount of Persona Points, so you may also learn how to get a lot of them. It’s not complicated, but a few tricks can go a long way.

How to solve the riddle steps in Alice’s prison If you’re having trouble solving this puzzle, a quick glance at this guide will tell you everything you need to do to place it in your rearview mirror.

Quick Tips – Exactly what his voice sounds like. These general tips will prepare you for your very own gameplay Persona 5 Strikers.

Futaba speaks the truth

Director guides (spoiled site)

Not all bosses are completely, but most of the great bosses you will encounter. While these descriptions are free from spoilers (except for websites), the They guide themselves not. be cerfull.

Head of Shibuya Prison

Head of Sendai Prison

Head of Sapporo Prison

Okinawa prison chief

Chief of Kyoto Prison

The head of Osaka Prison

The final boss

Request for evidence

List of prison mail requests Lavenza has nine orders that it distributes throughout the game. Just like the Justin and Caroline League events, she wants you to engage people with specific skills. Are you a bad enough man to follow these simple steps?

Hidden Desire Evidence (Trapped Requests) Each prison contains one additional element that is added to its map via these requests. All you usually get is a brief description. But we will do a better job and tell you clearly where exactly they are.

Zunda Parfait Guide (Claw Lending Request) – Morgana wants to give Anne Parfait a special and needs your help to do so! This explains the steps needed to purchase Zunda Parfait.

Meal Ticketing Guide (Order Supreme Love) – The one thing Ryuji likes more than declaring out loud that he’s a Phantom Thief in public is ramen. You can finally treat him to a rare thing by tracking down these meal tickets.

Spoilers are not distinguished from here.

Persona 5 Strikers Show has expired

Spoilers ahead.

End-game and post-game guides (spoilers)

Fuzzy Path Guide – How to escape from the foggy road in the Tree of Knowledge.

Terrible Shadows Guide – These are those shadows Persona 5 Strikers Warns you. You know those. Menacing halos, electrified, etc. You won’t want to mess around with them until you’re good and ready.

Final weapon locations – Where to find the best weapons for each character, before the new + game.

Guides request a reward coach – How to beat every bounty boss you will get through Demand tasks.

Whew, that’s a lot of evidence. We hope all of these covered everything you wanted to know about the game. If not, that’s a pity. I’m sure we’ll ever lose a lot of sleep. Or we’ll wake up in the dungeons of the Velvet Room. I don’t want to be prisoner of fate! Why do I have to re-qualify ?! Isn’t my life hard enough already ?! Character 5 forwards Available for purchase at steam In both standard and deluxe packages.

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