Flames of the Nether arrives in the Minecraft Dungeons along with a FREE End-of-Game update

Minecraft dungeons Just got more Minecraft dungeons in the form Flames of hell. It is a paid DLC package and, as the name suggests, it is set in Nether. Below, you’ll get access to six missions, which, if all go smoothly, should get you a bunch of new weapons, gear, and artifacts – but you’ll need to kill a bunch of new lower-themed enemies to get that loot.

That will set you back $ 6, but there’s also a big free update rolling out alongside. These free plugins are mostly tuned to keep you in the game, the biggest of which is Ancient Hunts. These are procedurally generated missions that you will have access to at the end of the game, which “weave in and out of Hell and other familiar parts of Overworld in action-packed adventures combined together.” Of course, these rides have a higher chance of rewarding rare items, but they are the only way to obtain gear in a new rare class called “Gold.”

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