Super Mario Bros themed content is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons this March

Next major update coming soon Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The long-awaited update adds Super Mario Bros. Collaboration announced earlier last year. The free update will be available on February 25th.

The update is completely free of charge, but items will not be available in-game until March 1st. Players in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere can enjoy the items at the same time. Anyone updating will get a Mushroom Mural as a thank you gift.

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The new items will be sold through Nook Shopping in the Residential Service Building. On the “Promotion” tab, players can choose from a variety of items and outfits. File preview Nintendo The website displays items like 1-Up Mushroom, Block, Coin, Large Mushroom Platform, and Shell.

Players can also purchase clothing items to look like their favorites Super Mario Bros Personalities. Mario, Luigi and Princess Beach Warrior costumes will be available.

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Super Mario BrosThemed furniture will also be provided. Some of the options on offer include block flooring, Lakitu’s Cloud rug, and Yoshi’s Egg rug. These elements will make any room appear an A-level Super Mario Bros. Game.

One of the most special elements with a unique feature is the warp tubes. Players can place Two Warp Pipes anywhere on their island, including indoors, to be instantly transported to another location. If the player sets up more than two warp tubes, they will be transported to a random tube. The tube will need enough landing space to function properly.

While the Super Mario Bros. A highlight is the collaboration, as March brings additional seasonal elements. Between February 25 and March 3, players can order items based on the Hinamatsuri Festival. Players can order a Henaningo doll or Blossom’s Lantern. One item from the series is available daily.

March 14th is Pi Day. Between March 1 and March 14, players can order items based on a special event. March 17th is “Shamrock Day”. Today-based items will be available from March 10-17 for the shamrock soda, door plate, and rug. Fashion items will be available through the Able Sisters Store.

Visit the official Nintendo The island in the game will be part of My Nintendo Missions. On March 9 and 24, players can visit the island to celebrate their 35th anniversary Super Mario Bros.

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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons And the Super Mario Bros. Collaboration update will be available on February 25th.

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