Octavia Prime (and its weapons) took on tour

Fans have been asking about Octavia Prime for some time and Digital Extremes has stuck with that. Octavia Prime debuted in the war And we have to take it on a tour and see what the latest Prime packages have to offer. Octavia female players are well aware of their unique abilities, as they possess a stringed instrument called the Mandachord with fully customizable music. This version of the frame naturally delivers superior stats and a fresh, elegant complexion.

Much like other Prime frames, Octavia Prime comes with three packages – only two of them include them. Named after its special capabilities, these are Mallet, Resonance, and Amp packages. The Mallet costs $ 50 and includes the 1050 Platinum, but it comes with only the top two main weapons being the Resonance Package, which goes for $ 80 with 2,625 Platinum. This one includes weapons And the Octavia Prime, as well as Octavia Prime’s profile glyphs. Finally, the Amp Pack costs $ 140 and comes with 3,990 Platinum and some Prime accessories.

Prime Accessories can be purchased themselves for $ 50 and include Prime armor, special syandana, and Aristei Prime Shawzin, which give Octavia something special to play with while it casts during fierce battles. Like other extension packs, it also comes with 90 days affinity and the resource boosts that it applies to the war Calculation on the spot. Octavia Prime leather is a real look, too. He adds gold earrings and a ponytail made of strings. Because of the music. I got it.

Warframe Octavia Prime 2

It rushes for your heart

Octavia Prime doesn’t look different, of course, but it also has 33.4% higher armor and 16.6% more energy compared to its vanilla counterpart. The new main weapons are Tenora Prime and Pandero Prime, which are better versions of the vanilla chaingun and pistol, respectively. I rather enjoy using both weapons, as Prime’s weapons are always fun in order. The same with Octavia, whose unique capabilities make it stand apart from other tires. Taking these weapons to early game levels as you arrange in a new frame will clearly see you tearing up enemies like wet paper.

As with the other Prime frames, you don’t have to Buy Octavia Prime Inn the war – You can now have the necessary parts to assemble them together. Specifically, you will need four null effects: Axi 05, Lith G3, Neo Z7, and Meso D6. As a fun bonus, its resonator is a bass drum rather than a drum. Fans of Octavia will find it totally worth the upgrade, as they will undoubtedly be the envy of their Octavia friends who don’t have the time or money to grind it or buy it directly.

I am having a great time jogging through the territories the war With the sleek new look of Octavia Prime. It doesn’t hurt that the Tenora Prime is a very satisfying basic weapon. Regardless, it’s another strong addition to Prime Stadium and I’m sure fans will love to show it off. And to stop while their teammates do all the work to provide the tunes. Everyone loves a poet.

Warframe Octavia Prime 3

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