Best Warzone Crossbow class setting

The best Warzone Crossbow class setting is hard to use, but if you learn to drop the bolt and line up your shots correctly, there’s no better weapon in a battle royale. Most of the players probably only used the crossbow in the Warzone area during the pre-match lobby, where you’ll fight for a kill due to the constant stream of players falling around you. If you can catch a player with it, you’ll notice that it comes down with single nails, even into the box. While the Best HDR Warzone category, Warzone Rytec, Or AX-50 Warzone If you prefer, you can drop with one blow to the head, even if you are not able to strike once to the upper body.

What’s more, depending on the bolt you use, the crossbow can eliminate the enemy you drop with after-effect, be it burst bolts or thermite bolts. There are few things more infuriating in Warzone than dropping a player into a window only so that they are revived and brought back in combat seconds later.

Warzone’s best crossbow settings are designed to completely take enemies out of combat in one shot. The attachments are designed for close and medium range battles, with maximum travel time with spikes and improved mobility – so don’t camp in an air traffic control tower and try to kill via maps.

Best Warzone Crossbow class setting

Here’s the best Warzone Crossbow-class setup:

  • 16 strand cable
  • XRK Thunder 200 lbs
  • FTAC speed handpiece
  • FTAC Fury 20 screws
  • hand trick

The 16-strand cable and XRK Thunder 200 Lb booms ensure the least amount of bolt drop while maintaining high precision, making it generally easy to align your shots and deliver basic kills with one stroke of range. The speed grip lets you direct the sights quickly, while the sleight of hand feature should make life more forgiving if you miss the first shot.

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You can add an optical sight, but the standard sight is pretty good, and your sense of distance or bolt drop doesn’t distort as much as using a sniper scope does. We chose the FTAC Fury 20 Bolts because not only do they drop down an enemy faster than the other options, they also detonate within seconds of hitting the target. Once you hit an enemy with one spike, it will descend and explode almost instantly, preventing it from using self-resuscitation.

Since this is a tough weapon to use, you definitely want something reliable as a backup weapon, so we recommend Overkill for the first time. War Zone gear reduced. For your second weapon, we suggest the following because they are all extremely accurate, mobile, destructive and shoot fast:

Best MP7 Warzone category
Best MP5 Warzone category
Best-class M13 Warzone

Make sure you have Ghost class to switch to later so that you can steer clear of enemy radars. For equipment, always go to C4 and the heart rate sensor. Finally, we suggest Cold-Blooded and Amped for your other benefits. The former keeps you out of thermal ranges and the latter is useful for switching to your secondary weapon when you inevitably miss your first crossbow and panic shot.

Sure, it’s not what serious gamers see packing in, but if you want some worthy clips, taking this design out for spin is a great way to start.

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