Valheim Fermentation Guide – How to Make Drink and Dosages

Do you want to know how fermenter works in Valheim? After fighting a second Valheim headEnemies in the game continue to get much stronger than those you fought in Meadows and Black Forest. Not only will you need to be equipped with powerful armor and weapons, but retention of potions and food is very important in this Survival game.

You have probably been replenishing your health with food, but this is not as effective as therapeutic doses that provide greater reinforcements for each tick, especially when you are full and cannot eat anymore the doses are not limited to healing either, there are doses that give resistance to fire, frost and toxins to deal directly with Enemies in every biome in Valheim. For example, Blob is especially difficult in the Swamp biome, and if caught with a toxic attack without a dose, it can easily be fatal, even with a decent amount of health. We recommend storing your toxin resistance potion first before exploring the sump and delving into your first task of detecting scrap iron in cellars. Finally, there are stamina potions that can be incredibly useful when fighting against powerful bosses or prospecting for iron or bronze.

The requirements for some of these potions can seem overwhelming to players who have not made much progress. By the time you need potions, you should have a solid base filled with everything you need to start growing these ingredients. Here’s what you need to know about brewing your own potion using Valheim’s fermenter.

Ingredients for fermentation Valheim

To start formulating your doses, You will need a cauldron, a beehive, and a brewer. You can build a cauldron anywhere with a hammer – to get the boiler up and running, be sure to place a fire source under it.

Boiler Formulation Materials:

Each tree base requires ten honey As a primary ingredient, which means you need to get your hands on a Queen Bee. You can find wild beehives with queen bees in abandoned homes located in meadows. Once you have your own queen bee, you can make a beehive.

Hives can be of two states: happy or angry. If your hives are grumpy, then you need to create more space between your hives because they are so close together. The beehives will not produce honey when angry, so it is important to create this room before throwing the beehives anywhere.

Beehive industry materials:

Valhaim Med and potions

Unlike boiler and beehive, fermenter requires higher level manufacturing materials. We recommend reading the The bronze Valheim A guide detailing how the precious metal is formed. You will also need a bronze ax to obtain fine wood in both meadow and plains biomes.

Fermentation industry materials:

  • 30x Vine Wood
  • 10x resin
  • 5x Bronze

Take the Medic base to the fermenter to start the fermentation process. Fermenter needs protection in order to function, and you can expect to wait two days in-game before receiving potions. Once the brewing process is complete, you will be rewarded Six doses From the final product.

Here are all the potions you can make with fermented:

  • Fireproof barley wine – 10x barley, 10x cranberry
  • Frost Resistant Med – 10x Honey, 5x Shock, 2x Blood Bag, 1x GrayWarf
  • Minor Heal Med – 10x honey, 10x berries, 5x berries, 1x chicory
  • Medium Healing Med – 10x honey, 10x berries, 4x blood bags, 1x chicory
  • Impaired stamina – 10x honey, 10x berries, 10x yellow mushrooms
  • Average stamina – 10x honey, 10x cloudberry, 10x yellow mushrooms
  • Med Poison Resistance – 10x honey, 10x charcoal, 5x forks, 1x tail neck
    Shahy Med – 10x honey, 10x blueberries, 5x blueberries

And that’s all you need to know about the fermenter in Valheim. Now that you are starting to make your own dosages, you may be looking at more ways to improve your base. Verify Valhaim tame A guide to building your own farm for a steady supply of meat, and keep these animals as cute companions to join you on your Vikings adventures.

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