Persona 5 Strikers: The Ultimate Trainer’s Guide

And here we are: the ultimate real, true president of Persona 5 Strikers. The False God Demiurge is a nicely versatile combat with loads of mechanics, which makes it a good fit. I mean, it won’t be Shin Megami, Tennessee Game if you didn’t you Some Some kind of god is in his face in the end, even if he’s fake.

First things first: include this battle Each one separately From Phantom Thieves, so make sure to equip them all with the best you can before heading into this battle. Yes, even the ones you haven’t used.

The Beating False God Demiurge opens in the post-game, and yes, there is this boss’s EX-blasting (plus regular revision). I’ll carry on after the regular boss fight.

Slimming the false God: the first stage

Pseudo-God Hitter Character 5 Attacker

Sinks: no one
Report: no one
Withstands: Wind, Fire, Electricity, Ice, Nuclear Power, Psi
Weak To: Damn it, bless

When the fight starts, you mostly just want to hit the boss a little while remaining as safe as possible. Until Oracle finishes its analysis, its attacks will largely come out of nowhere. Once it’s ready, you can really start accumulating damage.

False God Demiurge will use approximately five attacks at this point, although none is indicated in the text, so I mostly use what is Says Where every attack is used.

Pseudo-Striker Persona 5 2

Shining hammer (The oracle warns you of a forward attack) As light rays come out from the front of the ring in two waves. Slide back a little, then move between them.
Judgment rays (Oracle warns of a side attack) Rays of light will come from the left side of the ring, but will only pass through the front half of the area. Just stay behind and move in as soon as they pass.
Mentorship stars (The oracle says it will track you down) Summons a load of stars slowly returning to you. Just keep running to avoid it.
Beam of light (Oracle warns that the platform is about to acquire nuclear weapons) It will rain down a real hell on the platform, so use the wires to move to another platform and continue the fight there.
Finally, if Oracle says you are surroundedSmacking wire-clogging wings. This will also lower the value of the False God Demiurge a little, allowing you to get some free traffic.

Simple enough, right? right.

Slimming the false God: the second stage

Pseudo-Striking God Persona 5 3

but who a path not finished yet. This is kind of a mini phase while Oracle does another analysis, but there are still four new attacks to avoid.

Maragidine: Multiple group of fiery orbs that will descend on you just keep running.
Mapovudine: A triangular block of icy orbs targeting where you were standing and emitting a shock wave. Walk away, then jump to avoid the shock wave.
Maziodyne: You will light up lots and lots of random spots on the platform and fry. Avoid those stains.
Magarudin: One whirlwind follows you around the stage.

Once Oracle has finished analyzing it, you are done with this stage – for now.


Persona 5 Hit Balls

Now you need to split into three teams, with two teams each taking six domains, while the Joker and everyone else are fighting False God Demiurge. There is a great mix of connections between items across domains, but looking at False God Demiurge himself, I recommend that your “main” team be Joker, Sophia, and Zenkichi. The first group of domains roughly contains weaknesses, while the second group does not: The only weaknesses in the second group are Bless, Psi, and Lightning, so you might want that team to include Haru and Ryuji. But it is up to you. Just make sure you have at least one character who feels comfortable playing it on every team – that’s the single most important thing.

Each battle will now be played sequentially, although technically it occurs simultaneously. In the first set of domains, you want to notice Keter and Chesed in particular. Chesed likes to cast healing spells, so this is an easy option to get them out first. Meanwhile, Keter Lock calls the Keepers, and you don’t need to mess with you as you try to eliminate six little bosses at once.

With the second set of spheres, Malkut summons the Legions of Shadows, while Hod likes to cast Megidolaon (which, once again, pulls you towards). and this is Likely Your goals are priority, but honestly, almost every area is doing a bad thing. One unleashes the attacks of Park and Prophet; Another spews racist attacks. Either way, you’ll need to take them all down.

False God Fault: Stage Three

Character False God Striker 5 Attacker 4

Technically, this is just “Stage Two, but right,” but get rid of it. It is this president’s last moments.

In addition to all of the above attacks, the False God Demiurge has a large number of new attacks. There are two unknown types that include its spear: one is a series of three spear thrusts that need to be avoided perfectly, and the other passes the spear horizontally through the arena and then back again. Jump over that. Then there is the rest:

McCoggoun: Slow-moving bliss balls that follow you.
Maigaon: Kind of like the Shining Hammer, but with the Curse Orbs: you’ll start out at the front of the ring and move forward. You must be able to jump on them safely.
Megidolone: This targets the center of the platform and lures you inwards; Just run away.
Clearance voltages: a particle A beam of energy that tracks you from platform to platform. Jump on the wires and move the platform, and Keep moving To avoid this.

None of these new attacks are particularly bad except for the Voltaic Purge, and if you’ve made it this far, you’ve got what it takes to bring down False God forever.

EX Refight

False God Attacker Persona 5

And then there is the EX review, which, unsurprisingly, is very poor. This is likely one of the last requests you’ll want to make in the post-game: Get the best characters and some ultimate weapons before doing so.

First, attacks are intense and fast in all stages, and you find a hole to hit Any thing It is part of a mission. There are also changes in the attacks themselves. The second wave of Hammer bright beams is much closer to each other, which makes dodging them even more difficult. Not only that, but when the wings block the sides of the field, the energy rays will target where you stand. You can’t sit on a wing with the hammer too far, or it will explode.

What’s Next? Well, in the balls stage, your minions will polish spears and you’ll start to see a lot of Dyne’s level spells flying.

Treat the EX refight against the False God Demiurge mostly as a longer survival battle. Take it slow in the actual stages against the Demiurge itself, know each of its attacks and when it’s safe to participate. AI generally does a very good job of dodging things and inflicting damage, so sometimes your role will simply be to avoid everything that targets you. With balls, choose your targets carefully and focus on them. If you are initiated by Lock Keepers or another Sphere launching multiple spam attacks, it might be helpful to deal with it first.

It’s the longest-thinking period in the game (even excluding the fact that it has many stages!), So settle for the long haul. But if you clear most of the rest of the post-game content, you should be in good shape to do so.

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