Everything we know about Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies

Just last week, there It was a leak About a possible full-scale Zombies mode soon Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops the second season. Activision Officially confirmed Soon after, Outbreak was introduced to the world. Rather than letting the speculation run wild, the publisher has now dropped more details about Outbreak before it arrives call of Duty Black Ops cold War. Suffice to say, there are some things that can be predicted, as well as some lovely surprises.

Depending on the trailer, there would be tons of explosions and gunfire. After all, the undead are hungry for your brains. This is the standard Call of duty Formula for trailer. However, if you do want real meat, the Official blog post He has exactly what you’re looking for.

Make a squad, get out

When it comes to putting Outbreak in call of Duty Black Ops cold War, It’s all about completing goals as a team. Teams of up to four operatives will move across the Urals to assist the Mass of the Dead in Operation Threshold. The situation wants players to explore and take risks. Of course, there will be plenty of zombies to kill and bonuses to find along the way.

Two new types of Atherium crystals will be added to erupt in flawless and refined shapes. This will allow for permanent upgrades of player weapon classes, field upgrades, perks, and ammo mods so you can take on the endless mob.

You’ll definitely need this upgraded device for Outbreak, as any of the five objectives can present challenging challenges. Fortunately, you can decide how you want to handle each situation, as there is no time limit. Given that there are places to explore, and bonuses to be found in loot chests, random encounters, and even pilot computers, the Ural Mountains are definitely full of surprises.

Mission log

Ultimately, an outbreak call of Duty Black Ops cold War It will shorten the following tasks:

Defense The task is to demand a completely healthy sample of the infected genetic code. This will not be easy, of course. Once you obtain the sample, you will need to study it with a special device while keeping it safe from harm. The location of the device will change, so your strategies will change as well.

escort – Requiem for Death has successfully developed advanced rovers that can discover Dark Aether’s dimensional portals. Unfortunately, they are very fragile. Players will have to accompany the rover and find a gate. Getting the rover to the gate in one piece is the priority here.

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Recovers Within the Ural Mountains, there are two ether harvesting units that over time grow ether crystals. These valuable products need to be extracted to a safe location quickly, and you can do so with a close range of rockets. However, pulling these cans out of Ethereum crystals will make you defenseless and slow. In return, you get an alternate field upgrade that can release small bursts of ether energy to wipe out nearby zombies. The race continues.

Elimination High-value targets are roaming the area, and need to be eliminated. Use GPS satellite tracker to find and eliminate these elite enemies. However, players will have to balance the threats of advancing enemy waves and the targets themselves.

Bearing Finally, the massive ether crystal causes instability, and it must be destroyed. The caveat is that you have to do this from within the dark ether itself. Jump, survive, and detonate explosives. For those of you who would like to go up the windows again, this special investigation is for you.

A growing threat

Players can expect to add more Quest types to Outbreak in call of Duty Black Ops cold War over time.

After a successful investigation, you will need to head to a noticeable beacon somewhere in the area. Once again, you are free to take whatever path suits you and the team the best. Once this beacon is activated, various machines will appear. You can create new equipment on the Crafting Table, upgrade your weapons in Arsenal, get a new feature in Der Wunderfizz, and adventure with the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

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It is best to put all your resources here to prepare yourself for what comes next.

Once again, Outbreak will offer an option. Do you drop out and leave with your rewards, or try something more dangerous by passing through the dimensional gate to a new territory? The former will ask you to fend off any enemy exfil helicopter landing so that you can escape.

For the latter, a more dangerous task awaits. Your team will enter a new outbreak area with more lethal odds. Each trip through the portal will increase rewards, but also crowd risk.

Spoils of war

By completing the main objectives as well as other potential missions that appear, you’ll come out with some great rewards. Big XP rewards are given, but there are also three types of Ethereum Crystals to grab.

Crystals of raw Ethereum should be familiar enough. Can be used to upgrade weapon class skills, field upgrades, perks, and ammo modifications through the first three levels of strength. Next, there are the completely new duplicated etherium crystals. This resource aims to help you upgrade skills to Level 4.

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Finally, flawless atherium crystals are incredibly strong. Get your level 5 skills with the help of these treasures.

Activision and Treyarch are definitely looking to make Outbreak a mainstay Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops And the franchise as a whole. With so much information to excite a community, the potential is definitely there. More information on Level 4 and 5 Skills will be shared later this week.

Meanwhile, there is a lot to do in the Urals. Get the team together and contain the outbreak Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops On February 25th.

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