EBay has a range of inexpensive Dell and Alienware monitors

If you are in the market to buy a gaming monitor, specifically 38-inch Ultra-wide and curved Gaming screen, you might not have seen any better than this: eBay sells Alienware AW3821DW AUD $ 1598.22, Which is SEMIDJON at over A $ 450 cheaper than the recommended retail price. In addition to the 38-inch curved screen, you get a QHD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate.

As is usually the case with eBay deals, it’s a bit complicated. If you are an eBay Plus member, you will need to use the code PLUSD When checking out at $ 1,598.22 AUD. if I were Not An eBay Plus member and has already used the 30 days free trial, You can still get it as cheap as $ 1639.20 using the code PLLED20.

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