AMD is investigating USB issues with the X570 and B550 motherboard

Since its launch in Fall 2020, AMD has seen Users complain Of USB connectivity issues on new X570 and B550 motherboards. Some problems range from splitting keyboards randomly for a few seconds at a time to distorting sound cards.

All this seems to indicate the compatibility of the new 500 Series motherboards with higher bandwidth devices. From newer GPUs to VR headsets, there are plenty of instances where users see connectivity issues. However, the biggest issues seen seem to be disconnected from external storage drives and USB powered CPU coolers. There is clearly a risk of data loss and CPU overheating.

Based on user reports, the issue appears to be limited to the Ryzen 3000 and 5000 CPUs.

What does AMD do?

Fortunately for the owners, AMD is aware of this issue. The only problem now is that AMD doesn’t have enough detail to determine the cause or fix. For this reason, the company asks users to provide information.

“We have been analyzing the root cause, and at this time, we’d like to enlist the community’s help with a small set of additional hardware configurations,” the company He said on Reddit Mail. “We’ll provide an update when we have more details to share. Clients with issues are always encouraged to level up Online service request With AMD customer support; This enables us to find correlations and compare notes across support claims. “

Hopefully, AMD is quick to go around with the fix after gathering the data. While an issue like USB connections can seem small to some, it has the potential to turn into something much worse that may start to affect more areas of your computer.

Until then, there are a few solutions that you can try. Users can try to turn off “C-States” in the BIOS to reduce the frequency of disconnections. If this issue is not completely resolved, your best bet is to switch from PCIe 4.0 to PCIe 3.0. Many 500-series motherboards, though, ultimately defeat the purpose. If you are the streaming or picker type, chances are that you won’t be lucky until an official AMD fix is ​​released for the X570 and B550 motherboards.

USB connection update with 500 chipset motherboards From P / Amad

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