Use this free new replay tool to record flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you are new to The world of flight simulationThen you’d be forgiven for not knowing it Rich in features As new Microsoft Flight Simulator It is missing an essential component – the restart function. This is so far.

Developed by “nguyenquyhyAnd the Released on Flightsim.toOne of the newer useful tools from the simming community that is filling in some of the missing links in, Flight Recorder is Microsoft Flight Simulator Experience. This simple tool does exactly what it says it says: It records your bird’s data during flight. Once you finish recording, you can literally “restart it”. The sim chip itself is still alive and active during the restart process, which means you can pause and take control at any time. This is especially nice in situations where you might want to retry a landing that you weren’t completely happy with.

Flight replays from Microsoft Flight Simulator They can also be saved as local files and reopened at any time, even if the emulator is restarted. So, for example, this is especially helpful for someone like a content creator. All one has to do is reopen a saved data file and then record the snapshots they want.

If life had a remote control

Since Flight Recorder focuses on capturing aircraft data only, all other factors will vary in replay. This means that the weather, time of day, and AI traffic will change as usual. Once the “restart” button is pressed, it will not reverse the clock or restart the weather engine.

All that will happen is that your plane will be instantly transferred to its original position and the movements you have made will be restored in real time. It also means that if the AI ​​has landed since you take off, it will teleport and propagate in it. For this reason, including the fact that your plane may bounce when flying in real time, it would be wise to turn off collision detection when operating a flight.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Flight Recorder V2

Another weird thing about this tool to keep in mind is that he doesn’t currently seem to know what to do with specific aircraft surfaces. For example, some users have reported that the ailerons on the Airbus A3NX mod (the most popular sim mod to date) appear to be upside down when operating a flight. This does not affect the behavior though. It’s just an optical anomaly. Flight Recorder also cannot detect when the engines are running. This means if you start the recording with the engines off and then on, the plane will move without any visual representation of the engines. So, you’d better keep that in mind as well.

The dream of a video maker?

There is no doubt that Flight Recorder will become more powerful after receiving additional updates from its developer. Even in its current state, I can report that it works very well – to an extent. The actual recording and playback functions work fine. Unfortunately, if you want to use this to create content, the mileage may vary.

After doing two retesting, I noticed different results. My first test consisted of a Cessna 172 flying over a relatively simple view of the Channel Islands. With that, I had absolutely no problems and was also able to make a video recording without the hiccups. For the second test, I used a Cirrus SR22 and flew over the southern tip of Great Britain, starting at the Land’s End. Here, I noticed my sim’s frame rate would take a noticeable hit to around 25-30 fps. (I usually hang around my mid-40’s to 1950’s.) I also noticed that the playback of the plane’s movements was choppy as if there were missing frames. This was also without the extra pressure to record the video. I’m not at all sure why the two scenarios are so different, but keep that in mind.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Flight Recorder Add-on V3

So far, this is one of two ways to add the restart functionality to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a development of what could be considered either a coincidence or an irony, Flight Recorder launched just days after the release of another utility called Flight Control Pro.

FCR is a fairly popular add-on that was originally built for FSX And the Preparation, But was recently modified to work with him Microsoft Flight Simulator. It does a lot of the same thing as Flight Recorder, albeit with a bit more functionality. It has the ability to record and present a video file, which is very useful for recording the video of your trip in one go instead of having to start and replay. It also adds AI planes to track your recorded flight path and more. But, even though it may have more bells and whistles, this is the app you have to pay for ($ 18.21) while Flight Recorder is free.

Asobo has already mentioned that it has plans to add an official reboot functionality to the Microsoft Flight Simulator In the near future. The jury will be disqualified if it ever gets better or as good as these two standalone tools. However, at least you no longer have to wait if the restart feature was something you wanted from launch.

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