Shaboo Prints Retro Game Console, AV Output Console Built-in Hundreds of Classic Video Games (1 PC)

Price: $142.05
(as of Feb 22,2021 17:13:39 UTC – Details)

🎮Just plug it in and play. Choose games from the menu, create save points, and more. The system comes bundled with an AV cable, two Super  Classic Controllers, and 620 games, pre-installed and ready-to-play.

🔥Game type: 

Action Game 88 species, includes: Super Mario 1/2/3, Dr. Mario etc.

Shoot Game 94 species, includes: Contra 24in1, Super Contra etc.

Sport Game 43 species, includes: Hot Blood Basketball, Golf etc.

Fighting Game 46 species, includes: Turtles 1/2/3, Street Fighter etc.

Racing Game 25 species, includes: F1 Race, Excitebike etc.

Puzzle Game 324 species. includes: Tetris, Pac man, Tank etc.


Support AV output.100% brand new and high quality.

Built-in Hundreds of classic games.

8-bit and double 4-button gamepads.

Design for low power consumption.110~250V power supply.

Joystick line length: 56 inch

Game Console Size: Approx.5.3 x 4.2 x 1.8 inch


Unique Retro Classic Appearance.

It works with built-in Hard drive, built-in 620 non-repetitive games.

No need for other game cards or download, all you need just a TV with AV input port.

Compatible With Any TV: This device with high compatibility, it is suitable for almost all TV with NTSC signal.

The game screen can adapt to any TV size automatically, and present you the HD image.

All the game action takes place on one screen, from a zoomed out third-person perspective.

Handheld mini size, so that can hold it with one hand, easy to carry.

☎ Ps:

If the product cannot be us, it may be damaged during transportation, please inform our customer service, we will give you a satisfactory shopping experience, if you have any other questions, you can contact customer service
【THE BESTS GIFT】: Retro Classic Video Game Console is the perfect choice for everyone. It lets everyone enjoy the happy childhood of their parents. This will be a great holiday gift, a birthday present.
【RICH GAMES】: 8-bit console games. Dual Controllers-Four key handles, easy to operate, suitable for action games.Built-in hundreds of games, Including dozens of the most classic video games,
【PROMOTE PARENT-CHILD COMMINUCATION】: Can’t find a topic to communicate with your child? It can also be used as a gift to a friend’s child to let the children experience the growth of their parents. This will be a great holiday gift, a birthday present. game consoles let your children experience the experience and happiness of your growth, and promote your communication and feelings with your children. Equipped with 2 sensitive joysticks, plug and play, hand feels comfortable, better sha
【AV DISPLAYS】:Connect to your TV via AV Output and play hundreds of classic games instantly. Our easy to use Game Menu Let’s you easily enjoy hundreds of video games in a big screen. (was tested on all LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED screens)
【PROMPT IN】: There are some game repetitions in this console. For those who are new to the classic game console. This is an 8-bit game console with simple controls and picture quality will not be as crisp as todays games,Many classic games are still fun and very challenging. some games are in Japanese. Because this product of Nintendo has been discontinued, it is a functional alternative.The process will be very interesting and happy. Your TV must be designed to allow

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