Rogelike’s dungeon is fixed in World of Warcraft so failure to conquer it doesn’t ruin your night

Torghast, Tower of the Damned is one of World of Warcraft’s most ambitious features ever. It is a sprawling multi-storey dungeon which is basically a standalone Roguelike game. The design and enemies change every time you explore, and as you advance to the hardier floors, you gain drastically excessive abilities that can turn you into a badass to kill demons. It’s so much fun – unless you fail to kill the last boss, in which case 45 minutes of effort is thrown out the window and you have nothing to show in return.

“One of the biggest feedback points we’ve had since the Shadowlands release was that, while the feeling of having this powerful wrecking ball passing through Torghast and breaking all the rules is so much fun, the flip side is that losing in Torghast is one of the worst experiences ever in World of Warcraft, “said game director Ion Hazikostas in an interview today. “This is a problem. This is bad.”

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