Become a martial arts expert in the Okinawa Rush later this year

publisher Pixelhart And developer Sokaikan has announced the next release of Okinawa Rush. The game will be launched on PC and consoles later this year.

Okinawa Rush It is a platformer work with RPG Elements that occur within Okinawa. The black mantis clan invaded the area and is now threatening the population. The story is told through scenes cut from pixel art, similar to the old games of the past.

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Players choose from many masters of martial arts, including Hiro, Meilin, or Shin. Players have to fight hordes of ninjas, demons, and other enemies, as well as intense boss battles. There will be many members of the clan to fight to save Okinawa.

The gameplay consists of fast and smooth movement with tons of moves, combos, manipulations and an intuitive dodge system. The fighting engine is specially designed with unique movies for each of the three playable heroes.

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While hand-to-hand combat is always an available option, heroes have additional items to choose from. Masters can fight with swords, nunchaku, and boo crews to eliminate their enemies. Enemies also have custom moves and weapons. Players will have to learn how to quickly counter any attack, projectiles, or traps.

As players grapple in Okinawa, there are secret areas and mysteries to be discovered. While players can enjoy the main campaign alone, there is an additional co-op mode for playing with a friend. While cooperating, friends can treat each other.

If players want to jump straight into the action, the game has action in Arcade mode. High scores are uploaded online, so players can compete globally with others to see who is the best. The game also features optional spoken dialogue for those who want a retro experience or a recent upgrade.

Players can pre-order the game now. There is currently only a standard physical release announced for Okinawa Rush, But it is not a limited edition. The Dreamcast port has also been announced, but the developer has commented on Facebook that it will launch following other platforms at a later time.

Okinawa Rush It was previously prof Kickstarter Campaign project in 2017. The game was successfully funded and has been in development since then. The developer continued to keep players updated with Twitch Live Streams, Art Streams, Updates, Gameplay Streaming, Stage Design Peek, and more.

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Okinawa Rush Will launch in the fourth quarter of 2021 for PC via Steam. Play Station 4, X-Box One, Nintendo Switch and Dreamcast.

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