Valheim Taming – How to tame animals in Valheim

Want to learn how to tame Valheim animals? The Norse wilderness of Valheim can be a brutal, ruthless place – but whether you play Viking game On your own or in a multiplayer game Valheim servantYou don’t have to face him alone.

With proper care and attention, many different Valheim wild animals can become loyal companions, or, uh, sources of meat. Just so you know, when you pet a tame pig in Valheim, you will see the message “The pig loves you”. But, you are hungry, that is Survival game (You are a monster).

Regardless of your intentions towards these creatures, it is important to note that the more stars an animal has, the more powerful it will be and the more resources it drops when killed. There is a fundamental difference between each star – the single-star Valhaim wolves, for example, are more powerful and powerful than their regular counterparts. Therefore, when raising Valheim animals, you should aim to pair the highest creatures together, as they will inherit their astral classification from one of their parents. Read on to discover what animals you can tame in Valheim, and how to raise them.

Valhaim Poir paddock

Taming a pig is relatively simple, as long as you have food and materials to make a pen. Once you have built a pen for your narrow pets – round (or hole) fences will do the trick – you need to lure your chosen pet inside with food, or simply lure them to chase you and then catch them. It may take some time to tame them; Drop food on the ground (berries, mushrooms, or carrots work) and then turn away, or creep out of their sight, until they are calm enough to absorb the food. The pig will gradually become tame each time it eats.

A pair of Valhaim pigs standing on a grassy hill

When the taming process is complete, you can give your pig some patting on its head. Ou. Pigs are afraid of fire, so make sure their pens are far away from any source of flame. If you need to move them once you have tamed them, you can use torches to chop them down hallways.

How to breed Valhaim pig

Pig raising is a simple matter of leaving food on the ground in front of hungry and tame pigs; Once they have eaten, they become happy, and have a chance to reproduce. Pink hearts appear if pigs are successfully reproduced; Then a “pig” will appear after a short time. And remember: “The pig loves you.”

A Valhaim wolf stands on a mountain and howls in the sky

Taming a Valheim Wolf

Taming a Valheim wolf is a much more difficult possibility. Man’s best friend’s ancestors do not quite tend to be friendly – however, once you gain their loyalty, they become useful companions, faithfully following to your side as you venture through Valheim, defending you against enemies.

Easy mode: Tame animals on the spot Valheim console commands

Wolves are found in the mountains, so make sure you have frost resistance before trying to explore. To tame a wolf, you will need to build a pen – round fences will not cut them; You will need at least firm walls to hold it, as it attacks fences when frightened. Perhaps you will need to persuade the wolf to get into the pen to allow it to chase you; Equip your best Valheim shield, to be safe. Once you catch a wolf, leave a bunch of raw meat in the pen (about five or six individuals should do this) and back off until it calms down. You may want to build a roof over the pen to protect it from flying enemies.

Now that you have a tame wolf, you may be wondering how to take them home with you across the ocean, where they cannot travel through gates. Build a dock above your ship and push the wolf into the boat, but be careful, as it will jump to attack any hostile crowds sailing on the ground.

If you are having problems with Valhaim wolves reproduce, This could be due to a bug as the star wolves fade away during the day if they are outside the player’s line of sight. Reddit user u / Ignis369 has a theory about How to prevent thisBut we hope that this issue gets fixed soon.

How to raise wolves in Valheim

To raise Valheim wolves, place raw meat in front of two tame wolves, and make sure they have plenty of space – after a while, a little wolf will arrive.

Two Valheim Lux, shaded standing in front of the sunset

Taming of Valheim Lux

So, you have your eyes set on the clumsy pet as a pet – these formidable beasts can be found in flocks in the Plains biome, and they’ll make a quick snack from you if you’re not prepared. There’s no way you can catch one of these furry reptiles in a pen, so the strategy here is to sneak towards it, drop a cloudy berries or barley nearby, and then run away before they eat you up. Alternatively, you can make a pen out of stone and use a harpoon – one of the best ones Valheim weapons – To pull it inside. Once the feeding process is repeated several times and the lox is tamed, you can then safely create a pen and point it inwards.

You will be happy to know that once tamed, you can pet your furry friend, and any other animal nearby will leave you alone.

How to breed Valhaim Lux

Unfortunately, there is still no way to have baby foxes. When this is done, we will tell you how to achieve it.

This is all we know about animal husbandry and breeding in Valheim. If you are looking for The bronze Valheim, Valhaim is ironOr, want to upgrade Valheim table And defeat some Heads of Valheim, You’ve got you covered.

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