This silly Valhaim seed puts every boss on a short jog from their starting point

I love the Valheim Map I’ve been playing around, but the procedural generation hasn’t been particularly generous. I have played 51 hours in my world – 51 hours! – Tribal First to find a Valheim dealerHaldur, so I can finally buy a fishing pole.

In my world, the second president, SheikhIt is a fine extension of the ocean away on a new continent to the northwest, while the third president, Bonmas, On another island to the southeast, the exact opposite direction. I have no idea where the 4th and 5th Presidents are yet, but I assume they’ll be the least convenient places to get to.

Not that this is a bad thing! This has led to a lot of exploration, many basic constructions, and a lot of exciting sailing rides, which is what Valheim is all about. But someone has found a seed where every boss and vital area is within a stone’s throw from the starting point on the map. It’s kind of baffling:

(Photo credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Ended on Reddit, InfernoFPS published the seed for this Valheim world Where all five heads and biomes are within a relatively easy operating distance from the initial spawning point. As you can see above, four Presidents, the Merchant, are all located on the Indentation Continent, which contains the Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp and Mountain regions. You don’t even need to think about sailing until you’re ready for Fifth Commander, who is on a second island across a narrow strait. You won’t even need a longboat to get there! A simple raft will do the trick.

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