The Phasmophobia beta update changes how demons are hunted, and it crushes insects

Kinetic Games released another beta update for Phasmophobia. Among a handful of bug fixes, the developer made a change to the way they catch rumors. Now, the bushes will behave as other ghost types do and target other players while the original target player is outside.

For those new to the indie horror game, Phasmophobia It puts you and up to three other players in a small group of ghost hunters tasked with exploring abandoned facilities like homes, schools, prisons, and more. There are 12 types of ghosts for you to discover, each with their own unique behaviors. The goal is to gather enough clues to know what kind of ghosts you have found. But be careful – a ghost can chase you, too.

Previously, Bushes would target a single player and continue to hunt that player until they are removed. Now, the Kinetic Games company also revealed at Tweet, They will transfer to another player if the goal is outside. the new Phasmophobia The beta update also includes a change to the Image Reward Challenge. Now, players can complete the challenge by getting a total of $ 5o in picture rewards across multiple games, instead of all in one.

Phasmophobia Beta update squashes more bugs

The recent update, as usual, also patched quite a few Phasmophobia Bugs – 11 of them, to be exact. Some of the highlights include fixes to a random wall in one of the school map lanes, objects that fall into the basements, and things that don’t multiply in training. There are also some sound and graphics fixes. Check out the full notes below.

Phasmophobia It took off last year as banners played the game during the spooky season. Due to its popularity and the fact that it is still in early use on Steam, Phasmophobia It regularly receives beta updates for several months. The Previous update In late January it added some options for ports, while last month it added another update polished Ghost power. on the principle, Phasmophobia It’s constantly evolving, so we’ll let you know the next time Kinetic Games makes changes.

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