Sony PS5 game console with Caviar Gold Edition: price, features and sale

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) in gold? It’s a fact, courtesy Caviar. The Russian company is known for making premium smartphones, phone cases and even audio accessories. Now, it has entered the gaming space and introduced the luxurious Sony PlayStation 5. Read also – 5 Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners: Nikon D5600, Canon EOS 200D, Sony Alpha A68, and more

The PS5, like many Caviar products, consists of earlier elements, which are also in bulk to meet the highest quality standards. Read on to find out what the new gold is Sony PlayStation 5 is everything and how it looks. Read also – How to play PS5 games with friends who don’t have

Sony PS5 is now in (real) gold

Introduced at the end of 2020, Sony PlayStation 5 Finally the “Golden Rock” is formed and we have a price too. And when caviar calls it a golden rock, it’s one that’s covered with 4.5 kilograms of 18-karat gold. Also read – The PlayStation Network is experiencing a global outage, and the issue has been resolved

Sony Playstation 5 Gold Caviar

Photo: Caviar

The lavish version of the new gaming console will be covered in an eight leaf, which will be engineered to fit the PS5.

It was revealed that it would take about four months to equip one console and caviar He got the help of a jewelry contractor to make the golden frame of the game console look as polished as possible. Controllers are made of genuine black painted alligator leather.

There will be a total of nine gold-clad PlayStation 5s selling for a whopping $ 499,000 which is close to over 3,61,00,000 rupees, which is just talk.

Caviar said in a statement: “Since December 28, the company has received 1,342 requests for the new product. Among those who have shown interest in Golden Rock are famous basketball player LeBron James, and the company has also received inquiries from a well-known Russian businessman living outside Russia and an American businessman also famous in IT field, their names have not been disclosed. “

While we may assume that the number of beneficiaries will be less, this is not the case. It is suggested that the company has received around 1,342 applications for itself, some of which belong to the class of business tycoons, one of which is basketball star LeBron James, and several unknown people.

There are other variants too!

Sony PlayStation 5 Golden Rock isn’t the only premium model. There’s also a Sony PlayStation 5 Carbon coated in high-quality carbon and black leather, and a PlayStation 5 Alligator model in crocodile leather. The carbon model is sold at $ 5,830 (approximately Rs 4,22,000) while the alligator model is sold at $ 8,140 (approximately Rs 5,89,000).

Carbon caviar ps5

PlayStation 5 Carbon

If you are interested, 99 pieces are available for purchase. So, maybe you can try your luck and save a heavy price.

ps5 alligator caviar

Playstation 5 crocodile

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