Master Thief Flores has been revealed as the new Rainbow Six Siege Agent

It didn’t take long Ubisoft Stay away from the harassment The new launcher for Rainbow Six Sage Steal Crimson’s Explicit disclosure of it. Flores is sure to make a buzz Rainbow Six Sage When he arrives, he may have what it takes to steal thunder from other agents with his unique skill set. We’re waiting for the full gameplay to be revealed this Sunday February 21st, but we got some details about the main thief character today.

Flores’ full name is Santiago Lucero and he’s from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kinda disappointed because his identity is in danger, seeing how he is a skilled thief. In any case, he appears to be doing well with his new team of agents in the game’s tradition. Mira is a little offended by looking over her shoulder, but that’s because Flores is intent on building his advanced tools and weapons. Any additional knowledge helps.

For now, we know Flores has remote-controlled explosives of some kind traveling on wheels. He’s using it to breach what we can assume is a vault in his revelation video. This will definitely generate some anger from the players, but we will have to see how the tool balances out. The last factor His name is show me He was a defender that looked more balanced, despite being strong at that. Aside from the Flores Premium tool, it sure has some of the more interesting quirks about it.

Things are about to explode

Flores will start the next process of Rainbow Six Sage. Ubisoft calls it Crimson Heist, but it sure will offer the natural mix of new content for siege. Enjoy the announcement above and don’t forget to check back for a full disclosure of Flores on Sunday. We’ll cover his weapons, perks, and any other details Ubisoft has to share about him.

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