Valheim Workbench Upgrade And How To Repair Tools

One of the first things you need to build in Valheim is a workbench. Without it, you cannot upgrade or manufacture new equipment, or repair any of your malfunctioning tools. Although initially building a workbench is fairly simple, you’ll soon discover that a bunch of new upgrades and gear locked behind a higher level of the workbench, and this substandard first-level workbench is only good for basic rags and tools. Not a good look if you want to get Heads of Valheim And progress in the game.

when you It begins in ValheimYou can choose some basic materials to make a hammer, which is essential for building structures. You need to house your workbench by building a roof so you can use it – we recommend building a whole structure – using The Valheim building Evidence – so you can keep adding items like boxes, beds, and a warm campfire (well ventilated of course).

As you use your tools, whether it’s an Valheim weapon In a fight or an ax for chopping down trees, you need to repair the damage you inflict – the wear will gradually build up and eventually break. Here’s how to upgrade your Valheim workbench and how to fix the tools you are using.

Valheim Workbench upgrade

To upgrade your Valheim workbench, you need to craft skillful items and place them near your workbench. These items have a gold star in the corner on the Build menu, and for every item you build, your workbench will be upgraded with one.

  • Chopping block
  • Tanning rack
  • Adze
  • Shelf tool

Annoyingly, to manufacture these items takes so many resources, which can be difficult to track. Here are some of the items you may need and where to find them.

  • Flint – It can be found at the water’s edge
  • Bronze Made of copper and tin
  • Soft wood It is obtained from chopping down birch and oak trees
  • The fawn has disappeared – He got it from killing deer
  • Leather scraps – It was obtained from the pig
  • iron Made of scrap iron smelting
  • Obsidian – Extract from an iron pick in the mountains

How to fix gadgets in Valheim

Over time as you use your tools, they will gradually wear out and in some cases break completely. You can see the rest of the life of your gadget in the upper-left corner, which is the thin bar below each item. When the tape flashes red, you will not be able to use it anymore and need to take it to the workbench to fix it.

Interact with the workbench and simply click on the hammer icon to the left of the right workbench square, shown above. You also don’t need any resources to fix an item in Valheim, it’s totally free.

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