Rogue-Lite Core-Action Metallic Child announced for PC and consoles

Crest and Studio HG announced their latest titles Metallic baby. The game store page is currently available at steam To your wish list before its release.

Metallic baby It is an action game with Roguelite elements. Starring Runa, the robot after whom the game is named. The title takes place in a not-too-distant future inside a space lab called Life Stream.

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A great revolt began within the stream of life. Everyone on board conspires to destroy Life Steam Earth. The only ones not to be bargained for are Runa and Ban. Runa decided to fight against the rebels. It is up to players to guide Runa through the Life Stream using her controller.

The player is the only person who can direct Runa. While on the ground, the player can access Runa’s controls. Throughout the game, the team will meet and assist the other non-playable characters, all of which lead to learning the truth behind the mutiny and the decision to crash the ship into the ground.

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The game is full of action and uses randomization of items. Runa will evaporate cores from enemies to maintain its power. Rona can hack and cut enemies, as well as use it in various ways. Runa can grab her opponents, use them as shields, and throw them on other opponents or even smash them into walls as the last step.

Throughout Life Steam, there are gigantic bosses trying to stop Runa. All bosses have unique skills that Runa will have to defend. Once a boss is defeated, Rona can obtain the boss’s skill and use it to fight against the tougher bosses.

Rona is a unique Android with child-like feelings. She is close to her creator, Irene, a scientist and also a mother figure. Unfortunately, I learned that Irene was responsible for the mutiny, but not the cause. Rona tried to find out more about what led to this betrayal, but soon the robots made by her “mother” took center stage.

The player has a vital role in guiding Runa during the betrayal and helping her survive the rebellion. Meanwhile, she helps Ban, her only friend remaining on Life Stream, with knowledge and as a supporting character. After seeing what happened on the ship, Ban does not trust humans, which could cause problems for the player.

More information about the game and its characters is available at the official Metallic baby website.

although steam The page is available now, and there are also plans to release the game digitally Nintendo Switch And the Play Station 4. The game will come in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

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Metallic baby It will run on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Q2 2021.

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