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PUBG Mobile was banned in India again in September last year along with hundreds of other Chinese apps like TikTok, Camscanner, and others under Article 69A of the Information Technology (IT) Act. A few months later, in November PUBG announced a remake of the game but in a new version called PUBG Mobile India. At the time, the company ridiculed that a new Indian version of the game would be released soon and aimed at providing safety and privacy for users. Also read – PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Winner Pass expiration date has been revealed

Rumors over the past few months have indicated that the game will be relaunched in India soon but the question is when? What is the latest update on the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India? Here we answer most frequently asked questions about Battle Royale. take a look. Read also – Valheim, PUBG Alternative: Tips & Tricks, Gameplay, Availability, More

When will PUBG Mobile be launched in India

Well, there are no official words about this yet. Maybe the battle royale will not be released in India or maybe the PUBG Corporation will work with the Indian government to bring the game back to the country soon. We have our doubts about this until they are cleared by the company. The company appears optimistic, but the government is clearly not. So, take every tip that claims to launch the game with a pinch of salt. The game is currently banned in the country, which means that you cannot download or play the game in any way. Also read – PUBG Global Invitational.S Tournament: How to enter the Pick’em Challenge

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What is happening between PUBG Mobile and the government

Last month, PUBG Mobile reportedly asked the Indian government to hold a meeting to discuss relaunching PUBG Mobile in India, but the company did not get any good response. So, we suggest that you wait for the company and the government to publish official details about the launch of the game before you trust the rumors spreading on the web. Rest assured, for now, there are no official words from the government or PUBG Corporation about relaunching the game in India.

Recently, it was reported that the Government of India has permanently banned a few Chinese apps, which means that they will never return to India. PUBG Mobile is not included in this list, which remains good news for the company.


How easy is it to re-launch banned PUBG Mobile in India

Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Restarting a blocked app in India is a big task. To bring the game back to India, PUBG Corporation will first need to satisfy all requirements or concerns raised by the Indian government. One of the main reasons for the app ban in India was because the user’s security and privacy were compromised.

At the time of the announcement of PUBG Mobile India, the company said the top priority for the new avatar is: user safety. The company also said that PUBG Mobile India will be an improved version of the flagship game and will address all concerns raised by the Indian government. Therefore, to bring the game back to the country, PUBG Corporation would first need to demonstrate that the platform is safe for Indian players and that the data is hosted in the country, not China.

What is the latest update from PUBG Corporation

The latest update from the company was when it announced the arrival of PUBG Mobile India. In fact, the official website is also running a teaser stating that “PUBG Mobile India is coming soon”. The company has not disclosed any other official information regarding the game’s launch in India.

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