Valhaim Bronze – Where to find bronze and how to use it

Wondering how to get a Valheim bronze? Once you defeat Eikthyr, Valheim’s deer chief in Meadows, it is time to start collecting bronze in Valheim. The next area is full of dangerous enemies who will tear your current shield to shreds. You won’t cut rags and leather anymore – you’ll need bronze shield and The best weapons of Valheim To make any progress from this point onwards.

Using your newly discovered Eikthyr antlers you can make an antler ax in your home table. It will cost you ten wood and one hard century. Once you have your pick, you can now use the copper and tin deposits found in the Black Forest Biome. You will need a lot of materials before you can start making anything out of bronze, but this marked the beginning of your Valheim mining journey.

Viking survival game requires a lot of players to make progress, and fortunately, there are some shortcuts you can follow to make your life easier. If you want more pointers, we have it Valheim Building Guide It contains a number of tips that can help you throughout the course of the game.

How to forge bronze Valheim

You can’t make bronze without building a Forge first. To create your Forge, you need four stones, four charcoal, ten wood and six copper. Once you have the Forge, spend some time in the Black Forest collecting as much copper and tin as possible. Forging just one piece of bronze requires two pieces of copper and a tin.

The Copper Valheim website

Copper deposits can be found all over the Black Forest in Valheim – they are large, greenish rocks, with bright yellow veins of copper running through them.

A man digs for copper deposits in the Black Forest in Valheim

Valheim tin website

Tin is also found in the Black Forest – it breeds around water, so look around riverbanks and along the coast for small, especially shiny rocks.

Valheim bronze mining tips

Upgrade to Bronze Pick

Compared to Antler Pickaxe, bronze ax is stronger and faster, allowing you to save a significant amount of time in deposits. Making an ax out of bronze requires three wood cores, five cores of copper, six copper cores, and ten bronze cores.

Switch servers for maximum efficiency

There is a limit to the amount of copper and tin you can carry at any time due to its weight. While you can simply build a chest in the middle of the Black Forest, the most efficient way to transport ores is to create a second world. Using this method appears to be somewhat unfair so it is up to you to decide if Odin will agree.

Valheim makes things convenient for players by allowing you to transfer your inventory across Valheim’s multiple servers. This allows you to play with friends and keep any of your earned items along the way. You can offend …, take advantage of this feature by creating a second world with one chest near the breeding site. Once you have collected as many ores as possible, log out and log into your second world to deposit the metal in the box.

When you log into a server, the game remembers your last location. For example, if you log out next to the mineral deposits, they will appear next to them when you decide to play again. As long as you spawn next to a box on the second server, you can quickly deposit materials to reduce the load of inventory. Go back to the original server and start mining again. Once you have enough of the mineral, return to your base and empty all of the ore you have collected.

A man in front of a stone and oven at the base of Valheim

Valheim bronze tools

So you’ve got all that bronze, what can you do with it? Compared to the primitive tools I used on the plains, the bronze items are much better in almost every aspect. Bronze armor can take a lot of damage, bronze tools are more efficient, and bronze weapons cause more damage. If you can upgrade your items to Bronze, you definitely should.

Here is every Valheim item you can create in bronze:

  • Ateer Bronze – Ten from wood, eight in bronze, and two from leather scraps
  • Bronze ax Four pieces of wood, eight of bronze, and two of leather scraps
  • Bronze Toki Ten bronze and four woods
  • Bronze Shield (Helmet + Kuire Board + Leggings) – 15 bronze and six suede
  • Bronze scepter – Four in wood, eight in bronze, and three leather scraps
  • Bronze nails – One bronze produces 20 nails
  • Bronze ax Three wooden balls, ten bronze
  • Bronze shaft – Five wood, six bronze and two suede
  • Bronze sword – Two wood, eight bronze, two leather scraps
  • Bronze arrow – Eight wood, one bronze, two feathers
  • Farmer Five Core Wood and Five Bronze

That’s all you need to know about Walheim bronzes. Once you are equipped with the Bronze gear it is time to start thinking about taking down The Elder. You’ll want to check Valheim Progress Handbook To see the Elder’s weaknesses. Hosting a server with your colleagues? Give us Valheim console commands Direct the reading if you want to use cheat codes or simply turn out the Vikings who don’t adhere to the code.

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