Steelrising, the French revolutionary robotics game, is looking for testers

When Greedfall developer Spiders announced their next project at a Nacon Connect event last year, he immediately caught my attention. it’s called StillRising, Which is basically a retelling of the French Revolution, except that this time around King Louis XVI has an army of killer robots under his command and the only hope for the citizens of Paris is Marie Antoinette Aegis’ bodyguard, who is also an Android, sent to find its creator and kill him in order to stop the machines The king.

If you, like me, are immediately curious but also cautious – the previous Spider game, which is also a very fictional game about historical events called Greedfall, is “appropriate,” as we said in 67% opinionYou will be delighted to hear that the studio is now looking for participants to Steelrising’s first theater audition.

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